A day at the Post Office

Wiesbaden Postal Service Center processes around 8,600 pieces of mail daily

Post office employees Elem Thomas, Daniel De Leon, John Lunkenheimer and Rudolph Rodolfo unload the mail truck. The mail truck arrives every workday between 2 and 3 p.m. The employees work together on getting the mail in and sorted as fast as possible.

Post Office staff process around 8,600 pieces of mail every day, which takes approximately seven to nine hours when fully staffed, said U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Postmaster Carolyn Johnson.

When the mail truck arrives in the afternoon, most of the team drops everything, and starts unloading approximately 1,200 big packages and bags, she added. Every piece has to be scanned and then sorted into the right sections. Only the package pick-up window and the postal finance window are manned during that time.

Mike Maddison empties a big plastic bags with smaller packages on a table to be scanned and sorted.

“The work load is pretty intense,” said McKinley Taylor, custodian of postal effects. “It takes pretty much everybody’s attention to get this done.”

Annette Kamunya and McKinley Taylor receive the scanned packages coming from the truck and sort them according to their final destinations.

Smaller packages come in big plastic bags that have to be opened and emptied — around 3,600 packages and parcels arrive on a daily basis — and every item has to be scanned and sorted. The letter mail alone encompasses approximately 5,000 pieces per day, Johnson said.

The incoming mail is not only for Wiesbaden residents; packages and letters for around 100 other destinations in 52 countries arrive at the Wiesbaden Postal Service Center, Johnson said. These have to be separated and go back into the truck to be sent to their final destinations.

Annette Kamunya and Catrina Wyrick scan the smaller packages.

After scanning and sorting the mail, each item is labeled and stocked appropriately. Letter mail and package notifications go into the respective mail boxes, while packages are labeled and placed on shelves. The Wiesbaden Post Office has 8,400 mailboxes, Johnson said, approximately 6,500 of which are in use by community members.

The post office also supports 106 units and organizations across the garrison with official mail, she said. They receive around 80 parcels and 500 letters daily.

John Lunkenheimer unloads the mail truck.

Mail that has been missent or is intended for people who are on temporary duty, who have permanently moved or who are deployed has to be redirected to the correct destinations, Johnson said.

It is impossible to put the mail out the same day it arrives because everything has to be sorted, Johnson said. It is a joint effort to get the mail out as fast as possible.

Diana Osman labels the re-direct mail, which consists of missent mail and mail intended for people who are on temporary duty, who have permanently moved or who are deployed. The mail will be redirected to the correct destinations.

During holiday season, the amount of incoming mail doubles. That is why all post office personnel are exempt from leave from November to January, Johnson said. In addition, nine seasonal positions are filled.

“Please be patient with us due to the high volume of mail that we receive during the Christmas season,” Taylor said.





Mail for destinations all over the world goes back into the mail truck, which takes it back to the airport. Not all incoming mail stays in Wiesbaden.

The mail truck is loaded with 1,264 packages and bags from floor to ceiling.