A hike in the ‘talking’ forest offers learning adventures

Anna Morelock/USAG Wiesbaden Public Affairs
Hikers can scan QR codes with a smart phone to learn more about the forest.

Just north of Wiesbaden, hikers and bikers can roam through the city’s “talking” forest and learn more about its history, sustainability and importance to the city of Wiesbaden.

The Hörwald, or audio forest, spans north of Sonnenberg, west toward the town of Platte and east near to Naurod and includes miles of trails with five recommended viewpoints. In addition to the viewpoints, 15 QR codes along the routes allow visitors to access audio files from their smart phones, in German and English, on topics such as the forest habitat, its ecological importance to the city’s fresh air, forest management, forest water and other topics. QR codes on smaller pillars link to children’s versions of the forestry information.

Besides learning about the forest’s ecological aspects, the Hörwald paths also pass a 2,000 year old Celtic ring wall, with an audio guide about the archeology of the settlement and ancient Roman foundations.

Visit www.hoerwald.de for information on accessing the forest, maps of each informational point along the trails, sample audio files and the dos and don’ts of the forest.