A message from the commander: Trick-or-treating

We’ve seen a great deal of feedback on the recent change to the community’s trick or treating day. As a commander, I regret the change that was made with less than two weeks warning. I understand how this has disrupted the plans for many families. But, for the greater good, the right thing to do was move the day, and so we have done so.

As a military community stationed overseas, there are many factors that are different than stateside. Soldiers, civilians or family members who leave work between 5  and 6 p.m. have very little time to get their family ready for trick or treat. We have considerable construction and road work going on in most of our footprint, slowing things down even further. Two of our housing areas are open, with high-traffic roads going through or nearby. Saturday, not generally a work day, is a much better day from a traffic safety standpoint. Due to the time change, it will also be dark earlier on Oct. 31. These are just some of the things considered in making this decision. Together, we have a responsibility to make sure our families are safe and secure.

In open housing areas, you may still have some of our host nation neighbors visit you on Oct. 31, as they’re more familiar with that day. As a courtesy to our host nation, and if you don’t want to take part on a second day, a sign to print and place on your door is available at http://www.wiesbaden.army.mil/docs/sign.pdf.

However, the official night for our community is Oct. 29. This is when we will apply our resources, and when you can expect your neighbors to greet you and your children. This is when, as a military community, we will be joining together to enjoy the holiday.

We have heard your feedback and are moving the Trunk or Treat event to Oct. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. This event will give those of you out of the area Saturday a chance to enjoy the festivities as well.

Next year, we’ll have this information out further in advance. Given that next year Halloween falls on again on a weeknight, there is a good chance we’ll host official trick or treating on the weekend.

I thank you for your patience and for helping to make this, truly, our home in Germany.