Achieve health goals at Army Wellness Center

Every January, many people set a New Year’s resolution to improve their health. As the year passes, the goal is often forgotten.

The Army Wellness Center can assist individuals in reaching and maintaining their health-related goals.

Sgt. 1st Class Sean Sigmon has been serving in the Army for 12 years and currently works as a career counselor. Sigmon spends his days like many others, sitting at a desk.

“I had been working out in the gym for about four months when I decided to look into it. I had never been to the AWC and I wanted to see what it all entailed,” Sigmon explained.

Sigmon’s first appointment at the AWC was a body composition analysis in the BOD POD. “My initial reaction when I received my results from the BOD POD was anger,” Sigmon said.

He scheduled a metabolic test to determine how many calories he should be consuming, then started meal prepping.

“The AWC was able to give me some guidance on what kind of diet changes I should make to really improve my results,” Sigmon said.

Sigmon’s efforts have paid off. In January, he had 23.4 percent body fat. By September, he had reduced his body fat to 16.4 percent.

“It’s an amazing feeling when you can see your achievements and hard work pay off,” he said.

Sigmon said he has had a very positive experience at the AWC. “The staff has been extremely helpful and very friendly. There is no judgement at all and they truly have my best interest at the forefront,” he explained.

“Go to the AWC to see where you are at,” Sigmon advises anyone who hasn’t been yet. “Everyone has different fitness goals but your experience at the AWC will be tailored for you.”

Assessments include body composition analysis using the BOD POD, metabolic tests and fitness tests. Educational classes on nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep are also available. All AWC services are free and available to all Department of Defense ID cardholders ages 18 and older.

The Wiesbaden AWC is located in Bldg. 1201 on Clay Kaserne, open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call (06371)9464-1478 or DSN 590-1478. More information can be found at