ACS offers sunlight for check-out

Germany is not well-known for its sunny winters; on the contrary, winters are generally pretty grey and rainy with short days. Even on a sunny day, it is difficult to enjoy the sunlight when having a full-time job. People often arrive at work at dawn, and go home after sunset when the sun has long left the stage.

A lack of sunlight can have negative effects on mood and energy levels, and may increase the risk of the so-called winter blues. Apart from taking vitamin D pills, a daylight lamp might be a good approach to relieve symptoms due to a lack of sunbeams. “Those lamps; they help to boost your vitamin D because they simulate the sunlight,” said Mary Cheney from Army Community Service.

By the end of February, ACS is going to open a resiliency room equipped with these lamps where people can go and recharge their batteries. ACS also offers five vitamin D lamps for check-out for a week at a time. “They’re fantastic,” Cheney said. “When I lived in Alaska, I was just so tired all the time. And I was getting depressed, I felt like I was always cooped up. I worked for ACS in Alaska as well, and they had these lights, and I checked one out once, and it made a huge difference.”

Enjoying the light of these lamps may increase energy levels, and brighten up dark winter days. “They say that you get the best benefit if you use it continuously for at least a week, so that’s why we’re going to do it for a week at a time,” Cheney said.