AFAP gives voice to community

Members of the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden community gathered recently at the Army Family Action Plan conference to elevate and work through issues impacting life here.

Attendees discussed 87 different issues at the conference, out of 110 brought forth prior to the event. Issues not discussed were handled through ICE or other appropriate systems.

Col. Todd J. Fish, USAG Wiesbaden commander, opened the conference by welcoming attendees and thanking them for volunteering their time to help the community.
“Thank you for taking this on,” Fish said. “AFAP has done some great things. It’s a powerful tool to bring issues forward.”

Fish said AFAP is important because it brings the community’s voices together, allowing issues to be raised with a collective voice.

Some issues brought forward at the conference included:
• Place bus monitors on all Department of Defense Education Activity school buses.
• Accessibility of facilities for those with disabilities.
• Making the military and family life counselors available to overseas Army civilians and their families.
• The procedures for reinstating driving privileges after the designated time period.
• Volunteer and job opportunities for high school students.
• Extension of the summer hiring program outside of the summer break period.
• Lack of food options for Soldiers in the barracks on Clay Kaserne.
• Donation of Soldier’s use or lose leave to others who may need it.
• Extended shuttle bus hours for shift workers.

Fish closed the conference by addressing every issue individually, briefing the community on the status of those the command was already aware of.
“You have taken two days, and came up with great ideas,” he said at the closing.

Mary Cheney, Wiesbaden AFAP coordinator, said the items discussed at the conference would either be handled locally if possible, or sent forward to the next AFAP level.

“This is not the end of the process, but the beginning” said Cheney. “Even if it doesn’t impact you tomorrow, it will impact someone, someday.”