Ask the commander – April 14, 2016

Col. Mary Martin, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander

Col. Mary Martin, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander

Dear USAG Wiesbaden Community,

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve as your Garrison Commander for the past 2 years (or 22.5 months). Where did the time go between July 10, 2014 and pending April 22, 2016? Well I can honestly say it was time well spent getting to know the people in our neighborhood and a wonderful neighborhood it is. You have made this community shine with pride and joy with your volunteerism, never ending support, comments and concerns to make us better, your patience with our progress, and by just simply being the best part of our community.

Thank you for all you do and I pray you will continue to ensure Wiesbaden…Our Home in Germany continues to thrive with excellence and your great support.

For the USAG Wiesbaden Team, thank you for your patience, kindness, and taking great care of our community at large. You are the best of who we strive to be, and your efforts are seen daily throughout the community — I am very proud of you, and it was an honor to serve on your team!

What an amazing journey — Auf Wiedersehen!
Wiesbaden 6 Signing Off…

COL Mary L. Martin
USAG Wiesbaden

Editor’s note: Have something you’d like to share with the commander or a question you’d like answered? Send an ICE comment or contact the Commander’s Hotline (click the Feedback link on the garrison home page). If you have a suggestion instead of a question, you can also visit the suggestions link on the ICE website.

Aukamm parking

Anonymous said: Due to ongoing construction and staging areas in residential parking lots, residential parking places are being taken in Aukamm due to sports practice. There are areas clearly marked on Hainerberg for residential parking only. The few buildings near the baseball fields are due this same respect as others receive on Hainerberg. We do not require all of the spaces but should be treated equally, especially since the construction nearby is taking the lot allocated for the field parking.

Response: While we’re very sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden is unable to assign dedicated parking spaces to residents in Aukamm housing because the streets and parking areas belong to the City of Wiesbaden. The garrison is also unable to assign staging areas to construction projects in public parking areas. If desired, contractors must coordinate staging directly with the City of Wiesbaden, and will then be charged a fee by the city. The garrison may assign staging areas to construction projects in family housing areas where land is consigned to the garrison. While staging areas cause inconveniences, they are necessary to complete projects timely and on budget. DPW housing approves these locations and provides residents advanced notification. USAG Wiesbaden is able to assign parking spaces to residents in Hainerberg because the streets and parking areas were consigned to the garrison in conjunction with enclosing the site.

MPD processing time

Anonymous said: I’ve been waiting two weeks to receive my PCS orders. From what my unit S1 is telling me, it is going to be a few more weeks. How can this office take U.S. Army Europe training holidays when it is so far behind? How is it possible to have to wait this long for orders? I cannot schedule any movers, ship my POV, schedule my plane tickets, or housing or anything else without orders, yet, I have no idea when I will be getting them and I am 90 days from my DEROS. I am sure I am not the only one in this situation, and I can’t believe this is acceptable.

Response: Thank you for providing feedback, and we are sorry that we cannot produce orders at a faster rate. Unfortunately, there are only two individuals available in the Military Personnel Division to process orders and personnel actions. They have to prioritize each item by its DEROS date, in order to accommodate all requests in a timely manner. Currently, they’re working on actions with DEROS dates in May and June, and will continue processing them as fast as they’re able. In addition, the MPD office is not off on training holidays.