Ask the commander – January 21, 2016

Col. Mary Martin, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander

Col. Mary Martin, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander

Community Members, 2016 is here and we are off to a fast-moving start to ensure our community remains a great place to live, work, and play, with a keen focus on force protection and safety. Over the holidays many of you received multiple AtHoc notifications to remain vigilant in large gathering places and at train stations. Those messages were intended to ensure you remained aware of your surroundings while traveling or being out and about. Even though we were not able to provide you with all of the details due to ongoing investigations, we could remind you to stay vigilant and aware in a best effort to ensure for the safety of you and your families. In that, we have received a few concerns regarding our usage of AtHoc; on the other hand, we received greater praise for its ability to alert and inform. All eligible personnel are encouraged to continue registering for AtHoc as it is the best way to push out alert notifications to inform the entire community anywhere you are. We look forward to your continued support in 2016 — thank you and may 2016 be prosperous for you and yours!

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Barracks funding

Anonymous said: Just something that no one in all of Wiesbaden knows the answer to. Any word on funds for barracks buildings? I know that it’s a long shot, but the barracks here aren’t the best.

Response: Thank you for your comment … due to funding shortfalls, it has been difficult acquiring funds for the renovations of our current barracks and the construction of new ones. We are currently working on non-construction efforts to improve the standard of living for personnel living in barracks. The garrison CSM and the housing chief will continue working with command sergeant majors and first sergeants in order to ensure barracks well-maintained for all Soldiers.

Fitness Annex TV transmitters

Clayton said: To whom it would concern, it has been a pleasure to see the annex filled with equipment and put into use. It is by far the most practical and accessible fitness facility on Clay Kaserne. I did have a request though. Would it be possible to get the RF transmitters on the cardio equipment functional again so that patrons could listen to the TV on their headsets?

Response: Thank you for your suggestion and we’re glad you’re enjoying the Fitness Center Annex. Sports and Fitness will certainly take a look at the cost and possibility of moving the transmitters over to the annex.

CDC praise

Brittney said: Very pleased with the care being offered in the preschool room. My child is learning a lot. He comes home counting in various languages and is eager to learn. The teachers work with him to get the best out of him. He is a completely different child. Thanks!

Anonymous said: I do not know how these ladies do it. Toddler room is always busy, but they never lose a bit. They are patient and caring toward my child.

Roland said: The staff at the Bldg. 1501 CDC are outstanding. They display a genuine care and concern for our son’s wellbeing/learning. Mr. Robinson, Mr. Curtis and Ms. Kathleen are awesome.

Good job DPW

Karen said: We live in Aukamm in a duplex and the other side of the duplex is unoccupied. We called in a work order to have the fire/carbon detectors in the empty attached house checked since we could hear them beeping. Within a couple of hours they had fixed the problem and also called to make sure no other sounds were heard. Very helpful and much appreciated!

MWR, Fitness Center Annex kudos

Anonymous said: I love the fitness center annex. Finally we have enough space to do circuits, supersets, stretching, etc., without being in someone else’s way. This is also a much safer environment! I’ve quit using my gym off post and am only using this facility now. Please keep it!

Scott said: The new Annex is great. We really like that the equipment is more spread out and there are more free weight options over there. When everything was in the other building it was too much equipment for those areas. Once the repair work is done in the other gym, we would love to see all the cardio equipment go back over there but keep the annex open for free weights, nautilus, boxing, etc. Great job!