Ask the commander – November 19, 2015

Col. Mary Martin, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander

Col. Mary Martin, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander

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Fitness Annex policy

Aaron M. said: The new fitness annex is amazing, but lacks family seating options available at the main fitness center. Some families live off post and enjoy driving the 30 minutes to play basketball together, visit the library, eat at the dining hall, etc. For the past five years I’ve been able to share these activities with my children and then enjoy a workout while they read library books and sit down quietly within direct earshot/view of my workout. Staff informed me that my children are no longer welcome. I request the addition of a few of the tall tables or a couch near the front desk/shelf area of the annex for individuals to sit safely and read/rest. There are no expectations for fitness annex staff to babysit any more than the already monitor the general activities in the annex. I now have to choose to spend the day with my kids and miss my workout, or workout and miss the opportunity to play sports, enjoy a meal out and support reading with my two girls. The family room in the fitness center is not designed for power lifting or functional fitness. The play area is not designed for children who want to sit and read. Thank you for considering bringing back the same seating options we enjoyed the last five year at the Wiesbaden Fitness Center.

Response: Thank you for your comment. We understand the situation with your children, however, the policy that is currently in place is designed for the safety of all our guests. The dynamics of the Functional Fitness Annex make it very difficult to change the policy regarding children. We’ll look into other avenues for helping guests in similar situations.

Barbells at the Fitness Annex

Shaun S. said: You have a very friendly, helpful staff and the facility is awesome. Thank you for working hard to open this facility after the water accident. Well done, it’s a privilege to work out here and I’m grateful for that privilege. However, today I arrived at the gym to find a new rule implemented and being enforced. You now must sign out barbells from the front desk. After speaking to the staff I learned this new rule was implemented after someone dropped a barbell and broke it.
I understand that people shouldn’t be breaking stuff, and people who disrespect the equipment or others should be removed from the facility. That said, people have broken other gym items and we don’t have to check those out.
I’m sure other facilities have their share of people who treat equipment poorly, maybe reach out to them to find out what they do to stop people who mistreat equipment. Thank you for your time.

Response: Thank you for your concern. You’ll be happy to know this rule is only temporary.