Ask the commander – September 24, 2015

Col. Mary Martin, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander

Col. Mary Martin, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander

Editor’s note: Have something you’d like to share with the commander? Send an ICE comment or contact the Commander’s Hotline (click the Feedback link on the garrison home page).

Old PX suggestion

Christopher H. said: I’d like to make a suggestion for the community overall. I think the idea of creating a “youth entertainment center” in the old PX area would be beneficial to our community overall.
Specifically, a roller skating rink and game center for students — much like the current CYS but even bigger — would be a great addition and alleviate a lot of the “hanging out” around the bowling alley. Ramstein has a rink and it’s quite fun — contained, physical exercise and a place for family parties.
It would be a great use of the large space and might be a further draw for the movie theater and other related facilities.

Response: I would like to thank you for your suggestion regarding the old PX. Unfortunately, at this time an indoor skating rink will not be possible in the old PX since the area already has been designated for programs and services which must be moved from closing installations, like Amelia Earhart and Mainz Kastel Station or are relocating from Clay Kaserne due to space constraints.
We will, however, consider an outdoor skating rink for Hainerberg in the future as funding becomes available.
Off-post skating options can be found in the local community as well.

German Kantine

James E. said: Is there any update on the securing of a contract to re-open the German Kantine? Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Response: Re-solicitation for a new canteen operator is a lengthy and sensitive process that will require several months to complete. In the meantime, the Strong Europe Cafe Dining Facility, Food Court, Little Italy, Sahin’s Grill next to the Shoppette, the Shoppette’s Hunt Brother’s Pizza and U’R Place all offer sit-down and to-go meals. Thank you for your patience.

Fitness center

Erin A. said: This garrison needs a working gym. Soldiers are required to conduct physical training and should not have to pay out of pocket for access to training facilities.
The gym has been down for far too long and exists as a single point of failure. Another two weeks, four weeks or six months is not acceptable. Garrison needs to fix this immediately.

Response: We understand your frustration with the current situation at the gym. Please understand that everything possible is being done to remedy the situation.
As it stands, the equipment was moved yesterday and the weight room is now on the main gym floor temporarily. We ask for your continued patience while we sort this process through and work on restoring the gym to its full-functioning glory.

Music at the fitness center

Gabriel V. said: Can you please play music in the basketball court now that the gym equipment is there? We can’t listen to headphones in uniform and it’s real boring. I see huge speakers hanging from the ceiling. Please consider this request as it was a topic of discussion at work and 100 percent of my coworkers agree.

Response: Thank you for your comment. We have now started playing music in the main basketball court. I hope this helps keep you motivated at the gym.

Vehicles near clinic

Maria H. said: This is not the first time I have had vehicles crossing in front and behind me while in the crosswalk at the Health Clinic. This morning the vehicles were close and going very fast. I have reported this problem before and the issue becomes more dangerous as it becomes darker in the morning and afternoons.
Please do not wait for a fatality before any corrective action is taken.

Response: Thank you for your observations concerning the crosswalks in the vicinity of Bldg. 1201. We have recognized this intersection is problematic and have taken steps to correct and improve traffic design and functionality.
There is a project specifically for this intersection at DPW slated for funding in FY16 that will improve the intersection as well as the road structure in all four directions. It is a function of law enforcement to correct speed violators and anything deemed as unsafe driving.
If your personnel annotate the license number, DES has the capability to track and notify offenders as needed.