Ask the Commander: Spin class, running routes, parking on Clay Kaserne

Col. David Carstens, garrison commander

Col. David Carstens, garrison commander

Praise for Spin class

Carmen P. commented: We attended the second spin class with Maria Diaz yesterday in the larger room and absolutely loved it. The setup is great and I love that I can get there and still find a bike. Before, if I was not there before the class started, I was out of luck. Thank you for making the change. Maria is great — her energy is infectious, and she works us like animals.

Response: Thanks for the positive feedback, Carmen. It’s great to hear of outstanding customer service and we will certainly pass on your comments to Ms. Diaz. 

Approved running route

Patrick D. asked: Is there an approved Army Physical Fitness Training run route on Clay Kaserne?

Response: Patrick, we will likely be adding to the “running only” routes for PT on Clay Kaserne in the near future.  For now, there is one route around the airfield and you can view it on the garrison’s home page at To view the command’s policy letters, including “Unit Physical Readiness Training,” visit

Parking on Clay Kaserne

Sheri D. asked: I’m wondering if anyone else is having parking issues when going to Clay Kaserne? It’s crazy — especially around the food court. They should have put that big parking structure up front. Are there any plans, with all the influx of people coming in? It’s kind of scary, people are driving on one-way streets, etc.

Response: Sheri, thanks for pointing out the fact that, despite having a 1,100-capacity parking garage available on Clay Kaserne, many individuals who work or spend extended amounts of time on the installation still fail to use the parking garage to free up the limited parking available nearer to service agencies such as the food court. I ask and encourage everyone who works on Clay Kaserne to please use the garage whenever possible to make more parking available for those making quick stops and who may not be able to walk quite as far to get to facilities on Clay Kaserne. I can also tell you that construction is expected to begin this spring on another parking facility to be located close to the Fire Department and Truck Gate. It is expected to be completed by this December and will provide 300 additional parking spaces.

Post office hours

C. Stacy commented: Not that I’m against change, but not having a post office available until 11:30 a.m. and closing at 5:30 p.m. is a bit too much. I might be able to understand better if there were extended hours in the afternoon of say, to 6:30 p.m. I’ve honestly never run into this sort of issue with other postal services or Army garrison services, period. Services aren’t even offered on Saturdays. I find this strange and inconvenient. Perhaps there’s a reason, but I can’t fathom why.

Response: Thank you for your comment. Changes to our postal hours were necessitated by personnel and budget shortfalls.  The Postal Services Center conducted a well publicized survey — both through paper surveys and online last year — and more than 50 percent of the responses indicated that the current hours were the most acceptable. We are closely monitoring waiting times and lines at the facility and making adjustments as required. Currently, due to continued budget constraints, no new hires are authorized which means the staff is doing everything  they can to meet the needs of customers. Your feedback is important, and will be considered along with other suggestions as to operations at the post office. Thanks for taking the time to make your issues known.

Favorite Army lodge

Sarah H. commented: (The Wiesbaden Army Lodge is) my favorite lodging globally. I always enjoy my stay at the Wiesbaden Army Lodge. The staff goes above and beyond.

Great customer service

Fred P. commented: I felt the need to thank Herr (Wilfried) Peters  for his (as always) on-time service. Without being asked, he jumped on making an information technology request in support of a special system that the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security’s Security Office required. Employees like him are the reason Wiesbaden was a Communities of Excellence winner.

Response: Thanks Fred — glad to hear you received outstanding support from one of the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden’s own. We’ll pass on the high praise.

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