Aukamm teacher among $mart Money awardees

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — The DoDEA Europe East District Superintendent’s Office awarded nearly $30,000 to support innovative teaching and learning models. $mart Money was conceived as a motivational agent to allow inspired educators to further develop innovative methods and practices for teaching and learning in their classrooms.

Dr. Liz Dunham, DoDEA Europe East District Superintendent, earmarked funds to support the innovative goals of forward-thinking practitioners. The $mart Money initiative received applications from educators throughout the district to fund innovative learning projects that will positively impact students. The projects and resources embrace the very best in creative approaches to meeting the interests and learning needs of students through a blend of innovative pedagogical approaches and 21st century resources. Ten educators received the awards, including Diane Johnston from Aukamm Elementary School for Developing conceptual knowledge in mathematics.
As a result of the funding, students across the Europe East District will benefit directly from the initiatives and Dunham is excited about the potential for both student and teacher engagement.

“The $mart Money initiative provides our educators the opportunity to innovate in a risk-free environment and engage students in a way that is new, exciting and increases the potential for student achievement,” said Dunham.