AWC can enhance sleep quality

Richard Hoke
Army Wellness Center Director

The Army Wellness Center provides a holistic approach to mind and body wellness services that help achieve lifestyle change and prevent or alleviate chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The AWC leverages state of the art techniques and equipment to build and sustain health and provides care for active duty service members, adult Family members, retirees, and Department of the Army civilians.
Services that would normally add up to thousands of dollars are offered at the AWC free of charge.

No cost services include:
• Sleep Education: Services include general information about healthy sleep habits, impact of sleep on health and well-being, tools, tips and positive action steps to improve sleep quality. This class provides resources for sleep tracking and highlights the latest technology to assist with healthy sleep habits. Participants will craft healthy sleep goals and create a basic sleep plan to improve sleep habits.
• Activity through Exercise Testing and Exercise Prescription: A personalized exercise regimen based on true VO2 max (maximal volume of oxygen that the body can deliver to the working muscles per minute) is essential to optimum cardio training. Knowing the unique anaerobic threshold can be used to design a workout plan that will improve fitness and maximize calories burned. The test report includes a table indicating how many calories you burn at every exercise heart rate level. With this information, there is no longer a need to rely on generalized estimates of calories burned provided by a bike or treadmill.
• Nutrition Education: Nutrition plays a prominent role in weight management and overall health. This class discusses nutrient needs, sources of macronutrients, and how to decipher a nutrition label. Participants will develop a better understanding of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and leave ready to make healthier food choices.

These services are the action arm for the Performance Triad making sure you maintain good sleep, activity and nutrition habits throughout your life promoting resilience and readiness.
The Wiesbaden AWC is located in Bldg. 1201 on Clay Kaserne, open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.

To schedule an appointment call (06371)9464-1478 or DSN 590-1478. More information can be found at: or