AWC can help chronic pain sufferers


According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, “chronic pain affects the anatomy of the brain and impairs certain nerve pathways, leading to a ‘negative feedback loop’ that results in more pain and accompanying emotional and reasoning problems”.

Chronic pain can affect every aspect of our daily lives and can be detrimental to overall health and wellness.  It often affects sleep, physical performance, our ability to focus throughout the day, and can even affect the way we process our emotions.

The Wiesbaden Army Wellness Center offers appointments for biofeedback which can not only be helpful in reducing stress and improving sleep but has also been proven to be extremely beneficial to those experiencing chronic pain.  Biofeedback is the process of learning how to control the body’s physiological reactions, such as heart rate, by changing one’s thoughts, emotions, or behavior.

During an appointment clients are connected to a heart rate monitor that provides feedback regarding the individuals’ physiologic state.  This information can then be used to assess a client’s progress and determine which of several different pain management techniques provide the most benefit for that specific individual.

Here is what William Choate has to say about his experience with biofeedback techniques at the Wiesbaden Army Wellness Center, “My time thus far with the wellness center has been amazing.  The Stress management appointments have been a huge help and have been extremely beneficial in relaxing.” Honestly, I feel great both mentally and physically after my appointments.  They are a huge help and have given me tools to utilize to help manage the stresses of life and work.”