Back to school

Students return after summer break

Photo by Shayna Brouker<br>Wiesbaden Middle School students amble into the school building on their first day back to school Aug. 31. Photo by Stacy Anderson<br>The Rosenquist family explores Mr. Miller’s classroom during open house at Aukamm. Photos by Shayna Brouker<br>WMS Principal Dr. Susan Hargis greets returning students.  Photo by Stacy Anderson<br>Kindergarten students sit and wait for Mr. Kuntz’s class to begin at Aukamm Elementary School on the first day of school.Photo by Shayna Brouker<br>Students look to see what class they are assigned to at WMS. 
Photo by Shayna Brouker<br>Students crowd around the front doors on the first day of school at Wiesbaden Middle School Aug. 31. Photo by Jacob Corbin<br>Students and parents wait in line to begin morning meetings with teachers before the first day of school at Hainerberg Elementary School. Photo by Shayna Brouker<br>Volunteers help students find their schedules at WHS. Photo by Shayna Brouker<br>Students arrive for their first day at Wiesbaden High School.