Barbecue grilling allowed at designated sites only

Photo by / Stephanie McCabe

The desire to have an outdoor barbecue is currently increasing with the rising temperatures. Many families and groups are drawn to public areas. The Ordnungsamt Wiesbaden (Public Order Office) is reminding everybody that having an outdoor barbecue in a public space in the city of Wiesbaden is only permitted at sites that are designated and approved.

According to Wiesbaden’s Public Order Office, police will increase their controls during the summer months and appropriately punish violators.

“Whoever violates that, like for example by having a barbecue on one of the public grass areas, is facing a fine of up to 50€,” said Dr. Oliver Franz, Public Order Office department head.

There are, in fact, a number of public barbecue sites in Wiesbaden. The recreation area “Alter Friedhof”, for example, offers three public barbecue sites, which allow for up to 400 people. For those who prefer being surrounded by nature, one can use the barbecue site “Felsengruppe” in the Nerotal. This barbecue site is situated in the middle of the woods and close to an adventure playground for the kids.

A “Grillplätze” or grilling location list can be found here (in German) Grillplatzliste-Wiesbaden-Stand-2017-03

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