Barracks management passes back to units

A new housing initiative for unaccompanied Soldiers harkens back to previous barracks programs and will move the day-to-day operations of barracks management back to the unit level.
The Army Barracks Management Program will be new for younger Soldiers, but not for those who’ve been in the Army for 10 years or more, said U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Command Sgt. Maj. Chad Pinkston, who is overseeing the roll out of the program for the garrison.

“When we got heavy into deployment cycles, the barracks were given to the garrisons to manage,” Pinkston said. This program moves barracks management back to the units so unit leaders have more visibility over their Soldiers’ morale, health, welfare and discipline.

“I think that’s important because they own it. They are responsible for that Soldier’s quality of life,” Pinkston said.

Mid-April, the program’s local stakeholders – unit leaders, garrison staff including those from the Directorate of Public Works, and the Soldiers who live in the barracks will gather to learn more about the program’s concept and operations.

Units will be in charge of assigning rooms, inspections, key control, managing furnishings and other routine functions. The garrison housing manager and DPW will move from day-to-day functions to overall property, facility, service call and furnishing management, along with long-term facility planning.

Another goal of the program is to improve the management of between occupancy maintenance.

Soldiers shouldn’t be treated differently because they live in the barracks, Pinkston said. “This is a direct link between the Soldier and their leader. So the sergeant that stands in front of me every day is personally involved in my quality of life in the barracks.”

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