Baumholder strong men take charge

Baumholder held its first Strong Man competition Jan. 22 at the Mountaineer Physical Fitness Center. Twenty-one athletes faced the daunting challenge that tested strength, endurance, and mental focus with a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

Participants competed in six events: bench press, dead lift, Hercules hold, farmer’s walk, overhead medley and last man standing. The Hercules hold was conducted on the cable crossover machine, and the participant selected the amount of weight to be held for 60 seconds. The farmer’s walk was also conducted on the cable crossover machine with the participant selecting the amount of weight to be carried over a field of 50 feet for 60 seconds. For the overhead medley, the participant selected the amount of weight to be lifted over the head with the forearms locked out for 60 seconds.

The bench press, dead lift and overhead medley were judged on the number of repititions multiplied by the weight lifted. The Hercules hold was based on weight multiplied by the amount of time held up to 60 seconds, and the farmer’s walk was judged on the distance traveled times the weight being carried.

Strength, endurance and muscle fatigue were at the forefront of each competitor’s thoughts as the challenge began.

When the event ended and the scorecards were tallied, Nicole Rutzinger was declared the overall female winner.

In the men’s lightweight category Pfc. Luis Ortiz of the 24th Brigade Support Battalion took first place honors and Sgt. Robert Ervin of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, was second.
In the men’s middleweight category Senior Airman Benjamin Schmidt of Air Support Operations Squadron placed first while Spc. Michael Serrano of the 4th Battalion, 70th Armor Regiment, placed second.

In the men’s heavyweight category Pfc. Akeem Atkins of the 1st Battalion, 84th Field Artillery Regiment, placed first in the overall weight moved or carried and Sgt. Judson Brant of HHC, 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, was second.
Atkins also captured the men’s overall winner title by moving a total combined weight of 117.120 pounds, equivalent to 582.69 per body weight of 201 pounds. (Information for the article courtesy of the Baumholder Sports Office)