Become a volunteer to provide vital community services

Volunteers in the USAG Wiesbaden community are a crucial support system, even in the best of times. From stocking commissary shelves, to assisting with food deliveries, to making face masks and more, volunteers continue to provide countless essential services. For newcomers who are interested in playing a vital role, or are just looking for something to do, now is a great time to volunteer.

There are many benefits of volunteering, such as: enhancing job opportunities; gaining work experience; learning new skills; networking with others; adding to a resume; becoming part of a team; being challenged and staying motivated; and building self-confidence.

For those interested in volunteering, the best place to begin is the Volunteer Management Information System accessible at VMIS lists available opportunities and is easy and necessary for volunteers to use. Not only is VMIS the search, application, and registration website, but it is also where volunteers must log their hours.

“Documenting hours is one of the most tedious aspects of volunteering but the most important,” said Wiesbaden Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator Hellen Mpundu-Fakolujo. “Volunteer hours can build your personal portfolio, provide employment opportunities, and justify existing community programs. Without documentation valuable community programs can be affected.”

To register to become a volunteer, visit and select “Register” at the top right. After filling out the application, click on “Volunteer Tools” in the top right corner. Select “Switch to OCONUS,” then select “Germany,” then select “Opportunity Locator” then select “USAG Wiesbaden.” Use the drop down menu for “Organization” to choose your organization and the position(s) that you are interested in. From there, the Organization Point of Contact should contact you within five working days to confirm your organization and position. The OPOC can help volunteers determine which opportunities suit an individual’s needs and professional goals, and, if needed, they can also help create new volunteer positions.

Each volunteer position has different requirements and limitations, which are listed under the job description on VMIS. There is no limit on the number of organizations that individuals can volunteer with, so the program is entirely adaptable to personal schedules.

“The great thing about volunteering is how flexible it can be,” Mpundu-Fakolujo said. “It is up to you to decide what works with your schedule and to what organizations you wish to donate your time. Volunteers provide a very special link between installation organizations, Army communities and the civilian community. When resources are stretched and stressed, volunteers sustain and add vitality to programs that support Soldiers and their families.”

If you have questions about the Wiesbaden Army Volunteer Program, Mpundu-Fakolujo can be reached at or (0611)143-548-9201/02.