Berlin Airlift: This month 70 years ago

November 1948

Airlift pilot gets invitation:
Twelve Berlin airlift pilots and four higher-ranking Air Force officials were invited by Dr. Walter Kolb, lord mayor of Frankfurt. The invitation was extended to Airlift personnel “in appreciation of… great services rendered in the Berlin Airlift.”

7865th Ord inventors awarded ACRs:
The Army Commendation Ribbon was granted to two of the key personnel of 7865 Ordnance Company for the development of two vital Airlift inventions: searchlights with movable mounts on top of the vehicles and a mud plate preventing the vehicle from sinking in deep mud.

Candy ration reduced:
The ration of solid chocolate bars sold at the PX was reduced from 24 to 15 bars, due to a dock strike in New York.