Best bodies: U.S. Forces Europe champions crowned at Wiesbaden contest

Story and photos by Chrystal Smith
U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

A computer network administrator and a worship team leader took home the titles from the 2009 U.S. Forces Europe Bodybuilding Championship Sept. 12 at the Wiesbaden Fitness Center.

Kenyatta Wilson of Lajes Field and Sandi Griffin of Ramstein were honored as the men’s and women’s overall winners out of 17 competitors.

Wilson, a former powerlifter who began bodybuilding in 2005, holds several titles and looks forward to promoting natural bodybuilding while continuing the sport.

“It seems as if a lot of guys want results fast these days and begin to experiment with steroids and other illegal substances at an early age. I just want to be that living proof that those things aren’t needed to build a great physique,” said Wilson, who was also the 2007 Pacific U.S.A. Naturals middleweight winner.

Griffin, who also won the Women’s lightweight category, said she struggled with a knee injury high blood pressure and weighed more than 170 pounds less than two years ago. But the 35-year-old said she is now in the best shape of her life.

Women’s Figure winner Alphradezsa Lezama said she was inspired to get involved in the sport after reading an article in 2008 in Oxygen Magazine.

“I saw real people having fun and being fit. …There was somebody like me, and they achieved it by diet and exercise,” said Lezama, who said she is also seeking a bachelor of science degree in fitness and nutrition.

Winners by category were:

Men’s Fitness
Christopher Berry, Wiesbaden; Elijah Maine, Sigonella; Terry Graham

Men’s Bodybuilding Lightweight
Kenyatta Wilson, Lajes Field; Christopher Berry, Wiesbaden; Horace Youson, Ramstein

Men’s Bodybuilding Middleweight
Elijah Maine, Sigonella; Andy Spruill, Ramstein

Men’s Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight
Damon Dantzler, Stuttgart; Caleb Pike, Vilseck

Men’s Bodybuilding Heavyweight
Terry Graham, Grafenwöhr; Jasper Gray, Sigonella; Steven Oliver, Ramstein

Women’s Figure Short
Alphradezsa Lezama, Stuttgart,; Patti Rucobo, Stuttgart; Melinda Slaughter Ramstein;

Women’s Figure Tall
Kimberly Allen, Wiesbaden.

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