Col. Fish urges community members to push their cause

Garrison Commander Col. Todd J. Fish speaks at the AFAP conference in October.

Fifty-two Wiesbaden Army community members got together for two days in October to discuss, prioritize and provide recommendations for issues submitted to the local Army Family Action Plan Conference.

The conference delegates volunteered more than 800 hours of time over two days. At $24.52 per volunteer hour, their work totaled more than $20,000 of time. At the close of the conference the top issues from each of three groups were presented to U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden leadership.

“Find a cause and keep pushing it,” said Garrison Commander Col. Todd J. Fish. “As you go from post to post participate in AFAP and keep bringing up that same problem. It matters, and you can have a voice that has an impact in the future.”

Issues not resolved locally will move up to major command level and Department of the Army level conferences. It can take years for some issues to be resolved, Fish said, but it is important to continue pushing for needed changes.

Issues discussed at the October AFAP Conference included expanding shuttle service hours, expanded time for survivors to invest service member life insurance benefits, spousal preference for overseas jobs, benefits related to employment when service members retire, closed captioning on Armed Forces Network channels, inprocessing and annual training requirements.
For more information about the AFAP process, call (0611) 143-548-9201.