Courtesy Translation: Ban on entering Wiesbaden hospitals stays in effect

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Press Release from the Wiesbaden city government, June 2 2021

At the weekly meeting of the representatives of the hospitals and clinics as well as the local authorities in the supply area Limburg-Weilburg, Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis and state capital Wiesbaden, the continuation of the general decree ordering a ban on entering hospitals and similar facilities for visiting purposes was discussed on Wednesday, 2 June. The medical representatives of the acute care providers in the state capital Wiesbaden have unanimously spoken out in favor of not suspending the general decree prematurely before Sunday, 20 June.

In view of the still increased number of new infections above the threshold of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days and the increased detection of the mutation in Wiesbaden, which has so far been referred to as the Indian mutation and now as the delta variant, the operation of hospitals is still not safe enough to avoid a restriction of services if an infection were to be carried into the hospital.

The danger posed by the novel coronavirus is currently evidenced by the case of a fully vaccinated person who has still been infected with the Delta variant and now needs intensive medical care. This shows that even full vaccination cannot guarantee one hundred percent protection and therefore compliance with the corona rules is still imperative. Incidents such as the aforementioned vaccination breakthrough and the still unsustainable relaxed infection situation currently speak from the point of view of acute care providers and the city against opening the hospitals for visitors, even if they have been vaccinated or recovered.

“The functioning of the public health system and the associated safeguarding of comprehensive care for all people is still the most important goal of the fight against the pandemic. In order to protect security of supply, it is therefore unfortunately still necessary to maintain the basic ban on entering hospitals for visiting purposes. Of course, exceptional human situations are still met with a sense of proportion and generosity,” explained Mayor and Head of Health Dr. Oliver Franz.

The general decree is valid until Sunday, June 20, and is available on the website of the state capital Wiesbaden under It will continue to be reviewed regularly to see whether it is still necessary. As soon as this is no longer the case, it will be lifted – even prematurely.