Courtesy Translation: Chancellor Merkel: The federal emergency brake is urgently needed

Courtesy image.

Press Release from the Federal German Government from April 24, 2021

In her latest video podcast, German Chancellor Angela Merkel underlines the importance of the federal emergency brake: “This is something new in our fight against the pandemic. And I am convinced that there is an urgent need.”

There were “true calls for help” from doctors and nurses, Merkel said. “These people are pushing their limits every day for us all to save the lives of Corona patients.” They cannot do it alone – “We – the country, the society, the citizens – we all have to help.”

The new law and the federal emergency brake set out therein are not the only, but a very important response to these calls for help, the chancellor emphasizes. “It serves the purpose of slowing down the third wave of the pandemic first, then stopping and finally reversing it.” In this way, we can get into a situation of relax the measures again without immediately taking the risk of skyrocketing infection numbers.

Merkel also says: “The measures provided by the emergency brake are tough. I and all my colleagues in the Federal Government as well as in the German Bundestag and, of course, in the Bundesrat, have been aware of this at every moment of our deliberations.” No one made it easy, they kept weighing up. “As much as one would wish there were less stringent ways to break the third wave and reverse it – but there is no such thing,” Merkel said. No country that has managed to break the third wave of the pandemic has achieved this without tough measures such as night curfews.

The federal emergency brake is the instrument for breaking the third wave and preventing the overburdening of our health care system. With low infection rates, systematic testing is the means of enabling controlled and sustainable loosening. “And our vaccination campaign is gaining momentum. It is the key to overcoming the pandemic,” says the Chancellor. “I am convinced that if we now succeed in reducing infections significantly and quickly, relaxations will be possible step by step in the foreseeable future. Let us now do what is necessary once again and show all our consideration and responsibility together.”