Courtesy Translation: Danger of Forest Fires in Wiesbaden

Courtesy image.

Press Release from the city of Wiesbaden, April 1, 2021
Courtesy Translation: Nadine Bower, Public Affairs USAG Wiesbaden

Although there has been a lot of rainfall in recent weeks, the almost summer-like temperatures have now again led to considerable soil dryness in the forests. Together with the dry wood, which still accumulates because of the bark beetle, a considerable source of danger has developed here.

“It is understandable that so many people take the opportunity to go to the city’s forests to recharge their batteries, especially in current times,” said Andreas Kowol, the environment department’s director. “Please note, however, that smoking in the forest is prohibited all year round.”

Carelessly discarded cigarette butts can cause a dangerous forest fire.

It goes without saying, therefore, that open fire of any kind is also prohibited in the forest. The population is asked to refrain from barbecuing at the designated barbecue areas and instead to organize an Easter picnic.

The Green Area Office asks for your understanding of these measures, which serve not only to protect nature, but also people. Firefighters and forestry services continue to ask the public for increased attention.

The population is also asked to keep all entrances to fields and forests free; they are important rescue routes in an emergency. Any fire must be reported immediately to the fire department via the emergency hotline 112; Emergency services must be guided if possible.