Courtesy Translation: Fully vaccinated individuals can receive hairdressing appointments without additional test in Mainz

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Press Release from the Mainz city government, April 28, 2021

Due to numerous requests in the interaction between the so-called “Federal Emergency Brake” and the regulations from the current Rheinland-Pfalz Corona Control Ordinance with regard to the regulations that apply to hairdressers, the Public Order Office would like to explain in more detail the current measures.

Attention – Correction to the message published today – Message: Fully vaccinated individuals can receive hairdressing appointments without additional test!! What are the current rules for visiting a hairdresser?

First of all, it should be noted that Mainz is still above the 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past seven days, despite the current downward trend in incidence rates. Accordingly, the rules from the so-called Federal Emergency Brake apply first and take precedence over the state-specific regulations.

The Federal Emergency Brake declares hairdressing services to be expressly permissible. When using these services, provided that the type of approval allows, all parties have to wear an FFP2 mask (or a mask of a comparable standard) throughout the duration of the service – a simple medical facemask (so-called surgical masks) or everyday masks are not sufficient. It is permissible for the customer to remove the mask in the case of beard care, however, the hairdresser/barber has to wear the mask during the entire service. However, it is up to the companies themselves to decide whether such services are actually offered.

!! correction!!

Before visiting the hairdresser, a negative test must be submitted by the customers, which may not be older than 24 hours.

This does not apply to customers who have already been vaccinated twice – they can attend the hairdressing appointment with proof of full vaccination (Impfpass). No further test is necessary in this case.

The test must be a recognized and approved test. This means that PCR tests and PoC antigen tests are permitted. The previous state-law regulations, which were also applied to outdoor catering, for example, continue to apply here:

Either the customers visit one of the test centers in which the rapid tests are carried out by trained personnel (f. ex. in the Kulturzentrum/KUZ) or, in the presence of the operator or employee of the hairdresser’s shop while carrying out a self-test (so-called PoC antigen test for self-application). The test result can also be certified by the company. The template for this certificate can be found on

Children are not exempt from the test obligation by federal or state law. If customers do not comply with these regulations, they will not be able to use the service.
The current rules can also be found in the Corona FAQs on the website of the city of Mainz.