Courtesy Translation: Rules for incidence under 100 in Wiesbaden

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Press Release from the Wiesbaden city government, May 31, 2021

Today, May 31, the Hessen Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration (HMSI) announced the downgrading of the state capital Wiesbaden to the so-called “State Level 1” on Jun 2, on its website. As a result of the decreasing incidence figures, the so-called “federal emergency brake” expires on that day and numerous reliefs will be effective. This has been made possible by the joint disciplined effort of the population.

“We are pleased that the gradual return to more normality is finally becoming possible for the state capital Wiesbaden. Especially for the gastronomy, which has suffered heavily under the pandemic, this is good news. However, greater progress with more relaxations is only possible if the incidence value remains below 100 permanently and Wiesbaden moves up to stage 2, according to the state concept. That is why we appeal to everyone to continue to adhere consistently to the rules of distance and hygiene. We are not out of the woods yet, but we are on the right track,” said Lord Mayor Gert-Uwe Mende and Mayor and Head of Health Dr. Oliver Franz.

State level 1, as laid down in the Corona Facility Protection Ordinance as well as in the Corona Contact and Operating Restriction Ordinance of the Hessen state government, essentially means the following starting on 2 June:

No more curfew between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Contact restrictions
Meetings in public are only permitted in the circle of members of one’s own household and another household, unless only fully vaccinated or recovered persons are involved in the meeting. Fully vaccinated and recovered persons do not count in the contact restrictions.

Consumption of alcohol
The consumption of alcohol in certain public areas, which were announced by general decree of the city, remains prohibited.

In the schools, classroom instruction takes place in grades 1 to 6 as well as in the final classes. From grade 7 onwards, education takes place in alternating classes. A prerequisite for participation in classroom teaching is a negative test that is no older than a maximum of 72 hours.

Daycare centers/Kita
Regular operation under pandemic conditions

Child and youth work
Child and youth work is possible in groups of up to 20 people, vaccinated and recovered persons are not counted.

Meetings, events, cultural offerings
Meetings, events and cultural offerings such as theatres, operas, concerts, movie theaters and the like are permitted outdoors up to a number of 100 participants; here, too, vaccinated or recovered persons are not counted; a negative corona test is a prerequisite for participation for unvaccinated and not already recovered persons. Additionally, the contact details must be recorded, if possible electronically. The mask obligation stays in effect. Meetings, events and cultural offerings in closed rooms are only permitted in the event of special public interest and with the approval of the health department.

Private gatherings
Private gatherings outside one’s own living quarters or property are only permitted in the circle of one’s own and one other household. Here, too, vaccinated or recovered persons do not count. For private gatherings within one’s own living quarters or on one’s own property, a restriction to one’s own and another household and compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is strongly recommended. Additionally, in this respect, vaccinated or recovered persons are not counted.

Sales outlets / retail outlets
The retail trade, except for the suppliers of basic needs, can open within the framework of the “Click & Meet” model, i.e. within the framework of an appointment for a fixed period of time. Customers must wear a medical mask (surgical mask / FFP2 mask or comparable). A negative test for unvaccinated or recovered persons is recommended.

Recreational and amateur sports
Recreational and amateur sports are only allowed on and in all public and private sports facilities alone or in groups that are allowed to stay together in public spaces. Individual visitors or several groups may only stay in covered and uncovered sports facilities at the same time if they are located in different areas at least 3 meters apart from each other.

Gyms can be visited with prior appointment and a negative corona test or upon proof of complete vaccination or recovery, as well as if the contact details are left, if possible electronically.

Swimming pools and the like
Swimming pools, thermal baths, saunas and similar facilities remain closed.

Amusement parks and the like
Outdoor areas of amusement parks and similar facilities may be opened to visitors after prior appointment and ensuring compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

Museums, castles, galleries, memorials, animal parks, zoos and botanical gardens
Museums, castles, galleries and memorials as well as animal parks, zoos and botanical gardens may open their outdoor areas to visitors by appointment. A negative corona test is also recommended for visiting the indoor spaces. This does not apply to vaccinated or recovered persons.

Services on the body
Services on the body can be used in compliance with strict hygiene rules and with prior appointment, contact details – as far as possible electronically – and presentation of a negative corona test (day-test) by unvaccinated or recovered persons.

The outdoor portion of restaurants may open. With guests have to be seated, as well as present a negative corona test and leave their contact details, if possible electronically. Fully vaccinated or recovered individuals do not need to present a negative corona test. For the hygiene concepts to be followed by the gastronomic companies, the same specifications apply as in the previous year, only adjustments to the newly added requirements / possibilities (electronic contact data collection, test obligation, etc.) have to be made.

Clubs, discotheques
Clubs and discotheques are allowed to open as outdoor gastronomy in compliance with the above-mentioned rules – without hosting dance events.

Accommodation, hotels, youth hostels, campsites
Accommodation offers, for example in hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels and campsites, are permitted for tourist purposes, provided that the accommodation capacity is only 60 percent full and a negative corona test is presented upon arrival, whereby two weekly tests are required for stays of more than seven days. This does not apply to vaccinated and recovered persons and also not if there are no common facilities (such as breakfast rooms) in the accommodation establishments.

In the case of the mask requirement for passengers in buses and trains as well as in bus stop areas, the minimum requirement of a medical mask applies instead of the previous FFP2 mask.

For the electronic supply of contact data, the use of the Luca app is suitable, via which contact tracing is easy, especially for the health department; in addition, it is still possible to fill out corresponding paper-based contact tracing forms. The possibility of using the Luca app is made visible in the individual facilities via clearly visible notice; the so-called QR codes.

All easing steps depend on the successful assurance of low infection rates. Therefore, the well-known rules such as keeping your distance, washing your hands, (everyday) masks and ventilation must continue to be adhered to in a disciplined manner. This is especially true since the highly contagious so-called “Indian variant” of the novel coronavirus has now also been detected in Wiesbaden and, according to the current state of knowledge, only a complete vaccination with all the necessary vaccinations of the respective vaccine can protect against it reliably. If the incidence figures rise again above 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants during the course of seven days for three consecutive days, the strict contact restriction measures of the “federal emergency brake” will go back into effect again.