Courtesy Translation: State capital Mainz reacts to sharply increased incidence levels with new general decree

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Starting Monday: In-person classroom education will be stopped again in secondary schools / Daycare centers go into “emergency operation”

Against the background of the pandemic situation with a sharply increasing incidence around 200 / over 200, the state capital Mainz informed today about further steps to protect against coronavirus infections in Mainz. In order to curb the high number of infections, the city of Mainz issues a new general decree, which will be published tomorrow, Friday, – the following regulations will apply with the entry into force of the General Decree on Monday, 19 April 2021, at 0.00 a.m.:


– Classroom education in grades 5 and above and in vocational schools is suspended.
– Irrespective of this, non-deferred examinations, examinations for school diplomas for non-pupils and preparatory courses for these examinations may continue.
– Also excluded is the classroom teaching in elementary schools and the final classes of the “Förderschulen” and the primary levels of the same schools and in terms of emergency care and examinations in schools.

Kindergarten and Daycare

– Emergency care is provided at all daycare centers and Kindergarten.
– Parents are asked to look after their children at home due to various infections in the daycare centers.
– Admission to emergency care shall only take place in cases where other accommodation cannot be guaranteed, such as:
(a) children of working parents or single parents who have no other means of care;
(b) Children in families receiving family or semi-stationary support, the General Social Service of the Youth Office deems this appropriate and where the management of the institution concludes that care is in the best interests of the child or that further support is needed as a result of the forthcoming enrolment in the summer of 2021.

Other Regulations

– Bookstores, tool stores, flower shops, tree nurseries, horticultural businesses and horticultural markets can only give out individual appointments.
– A test obligation is mandatory before a visit to a hairdresser, this also applies to driving schools and extracurricular music lessons.
– In future, a mask requirement in the car will apply if people from different households are travelling in the car.
– In sports, only one person/ own household – no longer two people – are allowed to play outdoor sports.

Additionally, the initial curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. will remain in effect – please continue to observe it and comply with these guidelines. They serve your own health protection and that of other people around you.

Lord Mayor Michael Ebling: “It was barely four weeks ago that the incidence in Mainz was 50. The currently exponentially rising value nationwide must also be broken with all its might in Mainz – without these steps this will not be possible. This proves all the more: the Covid pandemic remains highly dangerous and certainly has not been overcome yet. On the contrary.

In the light of the worrisome incidence levels, we must take the steps decided by the administrative staff in order to avoid going into an emergency situation at hospitals and also to keep an eye on the important contact tracking of infections. This renewed effort to protect all citizens requires a great deal of patience and strains our nerves, as I am aware. Nevertheless, I appeal to all Mainzers: it is primarily about the protection of each and every one of us and of our families.

However, many other parameters are giving us hope: far more rapid tests are being carried out, the number of vaccinations is increasing noticeably, and the quantities of vaccine doses are increasing significantly. But the fight is not won yet – we need to keep a very watchful eye on the chains of infection at an incidence of 200. Unfortunately, therefore, the current steps are unavoidable.”

The administrative staff of the state capital Mainz will continue to monitor the development of the spread of coronavirus infections and adapt the measures accordingly. The administrative staff shall meet at close intervals.

Up-to-date information from the Mainz City Council on the protective measures to control coronavirus infections under

The new general decree will initially apply until April 25, 2021.