Dragon boat racing

German-American teams compete during annual event

Story and photos by Lena Stange
USAG Wiesbaden Public Affairs

Eighty students from Wiesbaden Middle School, Wiesbaden High School and Erich Kästner-Schule participated in the fifth annual dragon boat race May 28 at Schiersteiner Hafen. The students participated and learned to function as teams to propel their four boats across the harbor as quickly as possible.
Team work is essential to getting a dragon boat to move fast. One person marks the pace and the rest of the team paddles according to the rhythm.
“It’s a great feeling to see a tradition come into place,” said Dirk Mlaka, principal at Erich-Kästner Schule. “An activity that has persisted for five years has proven to be a good thing. Every year, it is nice to see how the kids grow together as teams on the boats.”