Drivers reminded to slow down for Soldiers performing PRT

WIESBADEN, Germany – Beginning Nov. 15, drivers will be required to slow down to a maximum speed of 15 kilometers per hour when passing troops conducting physical readiness training between the hours of 6 and 7:30 a.m. Monday to Friday.


On the attached map:


GREEN roads are shared roads between vehicles and runners.


RED roads are off limits to runners. These include all of Boyd Blvd., the welcome center area (Bldgs 1023N/E/W), and the area around the dining facility, mailroom and AAFES military clothing sales.


RED shaded areas are off limits for unit level PRT. These include Newman Village (including the perimeter track and MWR sports fields), the 1200-series of stairwell housing near the main child development center, the Directorate of Public Works compound and parking lot, and the parking decks.


DPW will remove all the current GREEN/AMBER/RED signs and add “15 KPH when passing troops in formation” signs to all speed limit signs on the GREEN routes. The Directorate of Emergency Services will increase patrols along GREEN routes to ensure compliance and issue tickets to violators.


Requirements for running formations will be road guards with reflective gear at all times (and flashlights during times of year that it is dark during PRT hours) and reflective gear for all runners in the formation during times of year when it is dark during PRT hours, in line with other Army installations.