Everyone plays role in anti-terrorism detection

The Army Antiterrorism Program employs defensive measures to protect all service members, civilian employees, contractors, Family members, information and facilities from terrorism.
So what does that mean to you? You may not realize it, but you are a vital and integral part of the program.

Without you, the Antiterrorism Program cannot be as effective as it needs to be. You are supporting the program in many ways such as when you report suspicious activity or prepare a special event packet for an off-post event.

Both of these actions help ensure the safety and protection of the community.
If you are an action officer responsible for coordinating an off-post event (hail and farewell, training meeting, conference, trips, retreat, etc.), your unit commander or director, the garrison commander or general officer for force protection must approve the event. The number of personnel attending and the wearing of uniforms determine what level of approval is necessary.
So how do you get special event approval?

It starts with filling out a Special Event Threat Assessment request and a Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet, DD Form 2977, as a minimum. As soon as possible, the SETA needs to be completed and given to the garrison antiterrorism officer for tracking and processing. The DD 2977 is completed by the action officer and approved by the sponsoring organization’s commander or director. A copy of both forms must be retained by the hosting organization.

When filling out the DD 2977, remember to select the appropriate hazard level indicator on the form.

If you have questions on special events or any other antiterrorism question or concern, contact your organizational antiterrorism officer or antiterrorism coordinating officer for information. Or, contact the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden antiterrorism officers, Eugene Fomby at DSN 548-3010, and Jeffrey Lopez at DSN 548-3028.