First peer-to-peer awards presented

Twenty-five civilian employees went home with cash or time off awards Oct. 27 as part of U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden’s new peer-to-peer recognition program. Another 75 received a “59 minutes” as a thank you for being nominated by a colleague. The program is part of Installation Management Command’s Service Culture Initiative as a way for employees to recognize each other’s contributions.

This quarter there were 149 submissions, said Sabine Schindler, Lead Program and Management Analyst, S3/5/7, Plans, Analysis and Integration. She said her team will compare the results with the garrison workforce engagement survey to look at the program’s impact, but that they have already received positive feedback.

As a means to mitigate reduced resources and its effect on program and service delivery, IMCOM designed this initiative to enhance the level of customer service and encourage a shared value of service excellence, according to a presentation by PAI made to personnel.

The SCI intends to establish an environment where employees feel valued and respected, have engaged caring leaders, possess a sense of belonging or loyalty to the organization, and treat each other with respect and dignity, according to PAI. This positive attitude is then “passed forward” to each other and those IMCOM supports.

One of the SCI components is recognition to ensure that IMCOM professionals feel that their work, performance and effort is noticed, valued, respected and appreciated. A holistic recognition program is multi-directional, not just top-down.

This program allows IMCOM professionals to recognize colleagues who exemplify Army values and the IMCOM principles of S.E.R.V.I.C.E, demonstrate outstanding performance, achievement, or service excellence or are a great teammate. All garrison employees can nominate their peers, co-workers within their directorate or across the garrison by submitting a nomination card.

Blue collection boxes are placed around the garrison for collecting submissions, due Nov. 22 for consideration in the next round. Winners will be drawn during the next quarterly garrison All-Hands meeting, planned for Dec. 8. Twenty-five winners will receive either $150 cash or eight hours time off, as determined by their directorate. Seventy-five more will receive emails after the ceremony with a 59 minutes. Employees can only win twice within a 12-month period. Appropriated and non-appropriated fund civilians, local nationals and USAG Soldiers are eligible to participate.

Cash/time-off winners:

Vincent Guidera, DFMWR
Carol Carter, DFMWR
Diana Bautell, DFMWR
Andreas Albrecht, DPW
John Parr, DFMWR
Yulia Floray, DFMWR
Juergen Thieme, DPW
Keith Garrison, DES
Victor Dimarzo, DPW
Kumarasami Sriskantha, DHR
Martina Noble, DPW
Gordana Petrovic, DPW
Dale Adams, DFMWR
SFC Joshua Church, S3
Lewis Pullum, Command Group
Karen Sarul, DFMWR
Meg Gibson, DFMWR
Peter Zeisberger, DPW
Elke Stock, DPW
Dennis Dutton, DFMWR
Danna Butterfield, DFMWR
Kei Eberle, DPW
Betty Monjaras, DFMWR
Zacha Toledo, DFMWR
Bre Broughton, DFMWR

Quarterly award winners

Arthur Jones, Army Community Service director, received the Superior Civilian Service Award from his previous command in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Danna Butterfield, ACS, received the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service for her accomplishments during this year’s Army Emergency Relief campaign. As a result of her hard work and dedication, the amount of donations received totaled $34,176—a more than 300 percent increase over last year.

Capt. Selena Belton, Sgt. Cody Reed, Spc. Nicolas Shipley, Staff Sgt. Kareem Paschal and Spc. Erin Darley were each honored with the Army Achievement Medal for their exceptional performance at the Wiesbaden Tax Assistance Center from Jan. 3 to April 24.

Staff Sgt. Jermain Brown, Pfc. Marcus Cisneros and Pfc. Amanda Jordet were each awarded the Army Achievement Medal for their professionalism and dedication while assigned as members of the Quick Reaction Force during the USAG Wiesbaden full scale exercise.

The following people from various directorates were recognized for their efforts in support of the post office move in which they helped move 70,000 pounds of postal equipment and supplies, and process and deliver more than 200,000 parcels to the community: Don Williams, Kent Mohr, Shauki Holmes, Dale Kenny, Kenneth Norton, Vladimir Strekha, Mike Riley, Brett Skillen, Olufemi Williams-Lee, Chucky Young, Charles Young, Tiersa Nelson, Larry Baker, Quintin Harvey, Bradley Mills, Ricky Greenaway, Dieter Hoehn, Wolfgang Hoehn, Klaus Schick, Capt. Latrice Boatner, Donald Rosenkrans, Jean Chambers, Lewis Evans, Guadalupe Alvarado, Lewis Pullum, Arthur Jones, Ruben Wallace, Victor Garcia, April De Saavedra, Juan Bedon, Patricia Benz, Christine Mbakeh, Gary Beatty, Michael Heller, Ainhoa Revuelta, James McKee, John Kaiser, Glenn McMann, Joel Arbour, Ian Avondstondt, Stasia Brisbane, Pyong Suk Braden, Trent Jarvis, Vinson Kelley, Rudolph Rodolfo, Williams Schaaff, Andreas Seelinger, Howard Tessier, Elem Thomas, Malcom Webster, Stanley Wright, Diana Benson, Gerald Sparrow, Tony Gonzalez, Sue Ann Falkenberg, Anna Morelock, Spc. Dallas Alfonso Bruce, Pfc. Delvecchio Bluesmon, Spc. Frank Patrick Daniel, Staff Sgt. Mathews Alfred Keith, Sgt. McCoy Cedric Fitzgerald, Staff Sgt. Phinney David Maxwell, Ronald Chandler, Quintin Harvey and Adam Peters.

The fourth quarter USAG Wiesbaden Team Excellence Award winner was the storm damage management team, Directorate of Public Works, for their significant efforts in providing emergency services at Hainerberg during the July 31 storm. Team members were Andreas Albrecht, Alois Becker, Claudia Fenney, Bernd Herrmann, Michael Lamschick, Natascha Marcovitch, Evelyn Roth, Wilfried Schmidt, Walter Schuh, Thomas Schwertner, Ramona Taeubrich and Michael Waesch.

The fourth quarter USAG Wiesbaden Cross Organizational Team Award went to the Service Culture Initiative team for implementation of the Installation Management Command’s SCI: Patricia Benz (Directorate of Human Resources), Virginia Desmond (IMCOM G9), Julius Muehleck (S 3/5/7), Joe Pressler (DHR), Uwe Lichter (DPW), Dieter Hoehn (DPW), Wolfgang Hoehn (DPW), Klaus Schick (DPW), Martina Noble (DPW), Juergen Knoedig (DPW) and Johnny Herring (Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation).

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