Garrison personnel recognized at ceremony

P5American Arms Closure Team

Story and photo by

Jacob Corbin

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden leadership recognized outstanding members and teams for exemplary customer service and other accomplishments at a ceremony April 2 at the Tony Bass Auditorium.

Col. Mary Martin, USAG Wiesbaden commander, presented the quarterly and annual Customer Service Awards, the Team Excellence Award and the Cross Directorate Team Award.

The garrison’s first Annual Customer Service Award was presented to Staff Sgt. Nickolas Bryant, garrison physical security inspector, for “his outstanding performance in taking care of members of our community,” according to Arne Curtis, emcee at the event.

“It feels really good to get this award,” Sergeant Bryant said after the event. “I love supporting the community, no matter what time or day.”

William Trabucco, deputy director of the Directorate of Emergency Services, agreed, saying “Sergeant Bryant is one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever worked with. He’s a one-man section handling physical security for the whole garrison.”

One of the events that led to Bryant’s award occurred last year during a catastrophic failure of the garrison’s alarm system. He spent 22 hours working alongside contractors to get the alarms back online, one at a time.

For his accomplishment Bryant received the Army Achievement Medal, a four-day pass and an engraved trophy.

Joel Arbour, from the Directorate of Human Resources, was the recipient of the Quarterly Customer Service Award, a $750 award and a certificate of achievement.

According to the award citation, Arbour received the award because his “contributions toward the garrison commander’s goal to provide the best customer service in Europe led to his selection as the garrison’s outstanding customer service representative and are highly commended.”

In addition to the individual awards, two group awards were also given out.

The Team Excellence Award, for the second quarter of 2015, was given to the Garrison Vehicle Registration Team, consisting of Marianne Moffett, Jorge Acevedo, Michael Hublitz, Arnd Pohl, Sgt. Eric Printy and Pfc. Antwuan Danner. Last quarter’s winners, the Special Events Team, returned the trophy prior to its presentation to the latest winners.

“Anytime someone needs to do something with a vehicle, they go to the (Vehicle Registration Team),” Trabucco said. “They’re the busiest front-door service the garrison has and some of the unsung heroes of the garrison.”

Trabucco said the team created an appointment system to help ease the process surrounding garrison member’s vehicles, making both customers and the workforce happier.

For their accomplishment, the team members received a certificate of excellence and they will retain the trophy until next quarter.

The final award of the ceremony was the Cross Directorate Team Award, given to the members of the American Arms Hotel Closure Team, which includes: Elke Stock, Sgt. 1st Class Jason Cogan, Gerald Nothas, Oliver Utzinger, Ronny Seidel, Daniel Vawter, Adrian Ruehl, Raimond Schaaf, Oliver Vogt, Aziz Demirbas, Thomas Herrmann and Michael Lenz.

They were recognized for their critical role in the “expertly executed closure of the American Arms Office Tower.”

“The clean-up effort (in the American Arms Office Tower) was immense, and the fact that we were able to quickly get it prepared and turned over to the host nation was really significant,” said Roger Gerber, Transformation Stationing Management Office director. “The team really worked hard to get it handed over in a short amount of time.”

Gerber also said the project was part of Installation Management Command’s plan for reducing building footprints and will help reduce garrison maintenance costs.

Members of the team received an eight-hour time off award and a certificate of appreciation.