Garrison supports home-based businesses

HBBs fill gaps in community services

Anna Morelock
USAG Wiesbaden Public Affairs

Whether providing massages, teaching languages or pet-sitting, home-based businesses can be a good way for Family members to maintain employment and earn money while overseas.

“There are a lot of services and things that are not here that people want,” said Rick Iglesias, U.S. Army Garrison home-based business and private organization liaison.

The first step for community members who would like to fill those service gaps or provide goods to the community is to contact Iglesias and provide him a business plan including what will be sold, the costs and how goods and services will be provided.

Business owners need to keep a few restrictions in mind including those on using U.S. Army Europe registered motor vehicles, on-post services and Army postal services to run a business.

“After you contact me, the most important thing you can do is start working with the Germans to get the tax ID number and registration,” Iglesias said. “The tax ID number is the hardest, longest part. It can range between one to three months.”

Once Iglesias has the packet, he routes it by the legal office and gets approval from Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service who ensure they don’t have competing interests. The paperwork is then signed by the garrison commander and the business owner can officially set up their operation.

Unregistered business owners will get a warning, but if they continue to operate without the proper approval there can be further consequences such as losing privileges on post, Iglesias said.

Home-based business approval lasts for two years, and Iglesias recommended starting a renewal application 60 days out from the expiration. For some community members who live off post, they may just need an on-post solicitation permit instead of registering as a home-based business. Either way, Iglesias can help.

“It’s a good way for people to start their businesses, earn some money, and do it the right way,” Iglesias said.

To contact Iglesias about starting a home-based business, call (0611) 143-548-1003.

USAG Wiesbaden approved HBB list: