German Emergency Numbers

WIESBADEN, Germany – (photo credit: jimenez). Germany has two emergency numbers and one general number for non-emergencies, which should be readily available

Emergencies off post need to be reported immediately to the German Polizei or the German emergency services. Germany has two emergency numbers and one general number for non-emergencies, which should be readily available.

USAG Wiesbaden Directorate of Emergency Services, Fire Department, Chief Daniel Corzelius, explains the difference: “If you dial 110 in the German phone system, you will reach the police – the Polizei – and if you dial 112, you will be connected to the fire department, which also handles medical emergencies. However, when calling from a cell phone, please make sure you tell the dispatcher the location (town, city) where you are calling from, because the call may be connected to a dispatch center in another county.”

After hours medical advice

However, if a situation occurs that is not quite an emergency, but requires advice from a medical professional or a doctor, the non-emergency number 116117 can be called. This number is staffed 24/7 by medical professionals, which can give advice for matters such as a high fever or a stomach ache during night hours or on weekends and holidays. This can avoid trips to the emergency room.

“This non-emergency number is supposed to be used in non-life-threatening situations,” Corzelius said. “It directs non-emergencies away from the hospital emergency rooms.”

In times of COVID-19, it can be even more dangerous to sit in a busy doctor’s office or emergency room waiting room. Therefore, the Hessen state government’s website recommends to call 116117 when you cannot reach your doctor’s office or when you have questions about the virus itself.

However, U.S. Army Soldiers, Families and members of the civilian workforce on any of the USAG Wiesbaden facilities and in the housing areas, who do not feel comfortable calling a German emergency line, can simply contact the USAG Wiesbaden Fire Department or Military Police. For medical and fire emergencies at USAG Wiesbaden call DSN 112 or 0611-143-548-0112 from a cell phone. For any other non-emergency issues on post, call the Military Police Desk at DSN 548-7778/77 or 0611-143-548-7778/77. Off post, please call 112 for a medical emergency or 110 for an emergency that requires the help of the German Polizei.

It helps to have all emergency numbers and the non-emergency number saved on your phone.