Health clinic prioritizes readiness, access

We are delighted at the return of the printed Herald Union! In an effort to be more transparent with the community, WAHC will continue to partner with the Herald Union to feature a regular health care spread that will feature key clinic information, initiatives and news. Each month, this page will include a dashboard showing clinic hours, closures and events, as well as key statistics to let you know how we are performing in supporting the community.

Our top priority is to enable the medical readiness of units and Soldiers in Wiesbaden. To achieve this, we must help units to maintain their percent of Soldiers who are MRC4 to less than 2 percent. These are Soldiers whose medical deployment status is unknown simply because they have not had a Periodic Health Assessment in the last year. Currently, the Garrison as a whole is slightly above 2 percent.

We strive to meet the access to care needs of our community to ensure patients can be seen in a timely fashion. Two measures for access to care are the wait times for urgent care appointments and for routine appointments. The WAHC team is currently exceeding the TRICARE access to care standards.

The WAHC team prides itself in providing a positive patient experience. We encourage patients to provide feedback to see whether we are meeting their expectations. The Patient Satisfaction section of the dashboard features two numbers. The first is the percent of patients who responded positively in the Joint Outpatient Experience Survey and the second is the number of positive Interactive Customer Evaluation comments.

Changes at the Clinic

This has been an exceptionally turbulent PCS season for the clinic. This year, five of our providers PCS’d, one retired, and one is training up for deployment. Our nursing staff has drawn down, and we have a number of new medics. To mitigate the effects of summer underlap, the clinic was augmented by three rotations of Army National Guard and Reserve providers, nurses, and medics and a contract physican’s assistant. While these staff augmentations ensured our patients had access for urgent and routine care, the constant turmoil through the summer has degraded the patient experience. Our staffing should stabilize by the end of September.

Additionally, on Aug. 12 we consolidated our primary care staff on to the Blue Team and White Team floors. This allowed us to move the Soldier Medical Readiness Center and Virtual Health downstairs to give them additional space for their missions.

This fall, we will go through a major renovation to expand the Physical Therapy clinic. It will take approximately six months. During the renovation, Physical Therapy will temporarily move to Bldg. 1201. We will publish more information as the timeline is finalized.