Hiking through the Fairy Tale Forest

The swan castle sits on top of a small hill.

The area around Wiesbaden has a lot to offer – even during COVID-19 times. The ‘Obrunnschlucht-Märchenpfad’ (Obrunn gorge fairytale trail) is located around an hour’s drive away from Clay Kaserne and offers a nice alternative for families with children to get around and enjoy Germany.

The valley of the Obrunnbach creek between Höchst and Rimhorn in the Odenwald is a popular destination among German families, because it not only has a trail that runs along the small creek, it also offers a surprise for young children behind every corner.

Numerous small-scale replicas of fairytale buildings are built along the 2-mile-long path, including a swan castle, a tower in the water, a church, mills, beautiful half-timbered houses as well as various fairy tale and animal figures. The small creek is shallow enough that small hikers can enjoy playing in the fresh water on hot days.

A replica of a lighthouse in the middle of the Obrunnbach

The path is great for children over 3 years of age since the walkways are not difficult to walk. However, even though strollers can be used there, the path does include some steps here and there.

Additionally, there are several beautifully designed picnic areas for taking short breaks and enjoying a packed lunch. It is helpful to plan around 3 hours to really experience the path with all its small and big surprises and to give children enough time to play and enjoy this unique environment, which can be accessed free of charge.

Current COVID-19 restrictions apply. It is a good idea to wear a mask on busy days, because the path sometimes does not allow very much space between hikers.

The best way to navigate to the Obrunnschlucht is to use the GPS address “Rimhorner Strasse L 3106” at Höchst im Odenwald. Once there, follow the signs “Obrunnschlucht” and look for small parking lots along the street.

Visitors who did not get enough after walking the trail can drive to the nearby castle ‘Burg Breuberg’, which is an 850 year-old castle, sitting on top of a hill, overlooking the area. Cars can park on a small parking lot right below the castle and then walk up a short path through the woods. Children should definitely look for even more surprises along the path up to the castle.