Housing assignments made prior to PCS arrival in Wiesbaden

New members to the Wiesbaden community could live in a variety of housing areas, like this one in Aukamm Housing.

For military families on permanent change of station orders with an assignment to U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, it may come as no surprise that a family housing quarters assignment will be made prior to arrival in order to allow for necessary quarantine in a home for those that are not fully vaccinated, and will serve as the permanent residence for the duration of the Service Member’s tour.

This became necessary due to restrictions and precautions associated with COVID-19 and the ultimate success of the new processes became recognized as a best practice that will continue even as we move beyond the current, lingering COVID-19 environment.

The successes achieved here in Wiesbaden can be attributed to the fact that USAG Wiesbaden not only has excess on post housing inventory, but also due to proactive engagement on the part of garrison agencies and military unit sponsorship representatives.

It is the individual unit sponsors who make it possible for an inbound family to have some choice in selection of their permanent home, so inbound SMs should be requesting rapid assignment of a sponsor from their gaining units.

In the event a SM is having difficulties communicating with their gaining unit, the Housing Division can assist. Note: Unaccompanied SMs E-7 or above who will receive BAH for family members during their tour (or their gaining unit sponsor) should contact the Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Manager to coordinate assignment to on post UPH.

For departing families, the Housing Division should be contacted as soon as possible once it is known that departure on PCS, retirement or separation orders is imminent. It is not necessary to already be in possession of orders. Due to the number of personnel who had cancelled reassignments due to COVID-19, it is anticipated that there will be a surge of outbound families this summer.

A pre-termination inspection can be scheduled 60 – 90 days before departure and SMs will be briefed on necessary requirements to properly clear housing. Once orders are received and a departure date is established, a final inspection should be scheduled.

The date of inspection and eligibility for departure temporary lodging allowance are based on the established departure date. Departure TLA is restricted and conditional upon maximizing the period of occupancy in assigned housing; therefore, failure to schedule timely appointments may result in out of pocket expenses. The same applies to SMs departing from UPH or private rental housing.