Housing changes coming based on feedback

Emily Jennings/Herald Union file
Neighborhood centers will be established to localize housing services within the garrison footprint. The first neighborhood center is planned for Hainerberg in the spring.

Over the next year, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden will see changes in its neighborhoods and at the Housing Services Office. Based on community feedback, Garrison Commander Col. Noah Cloud asked staff to look at processes and to align them to what many Families are used to in the states.

One change is the reallocation of neighborhoods based on rank. While most Soldiers and Families are used to housing being assigned based on rank, USAG Wiesbaden’s neighborhoods are mixed-rank.

This change will take several years as Families are not being moved, but rather units are being reassigned based on rank as Families move on to their next duty station. Under the new reallocation plan, officers and senior enlisted will be assigned to Newman Village and parts of Aukamm, while the rest of Aukamm, Hainerberg and Clay will be designated for junior enlisted, with overflow for junior enlisted and company-grade officers in Crestview.

A more visible and near-term change will be the establishment of neighborhood centers to localize services to each neighborhood within the USAG Wiesbaden footprint. The first neighborhood center is expected to open this spring on Hainerberg.

“We are starting our pilot project in Hainerberg because this will be the home location for our newer, junior enlisted Soldiers and their Families,” Cloud said. “Most of our services are located on Hainerberg, and we want the Families who may need those services the most to be within walking distance.”

Neighborhood center staff will be able to help Hainerberg and Crestview Families as they arrive, and throughout their stay, with garrison service information, work orders, basic maintenance supplies and other needs. After the pilot center in Hainerberg is opened, other centers are planned for Aukamm and Clay.