How to have a legal home based business

Lately, there has been a huge issue with illegal home based businesses in the Wiesbaden community.

As the installation commercial affairs officer it is my responsibility to coordinate home based businesses (HBB).

I’m looking for your help to make some of the currently illegal businesses operating in government quarters, which includes off post housing, legal. Simply email me at so I can set you up with all the information and paperwork that needs to be done to keep you out of trouble.

The email packet that you request will include all regulations, helpful hints, forms, and a tax advisor for tax advice off-base.

If your HBB is being run out of housing, the following conditions need to be adhered to:
1) The business is only conducted within the requestor’s own apartment, not the common areas.
2) Visitors are not permitted to use resident parking.
3) You may not solicit door to door or distribute advertising material in mailboxes.
4) You must have a copy of the approval letter from the garrison commander, AE FM 201-70F, and AE FM 210-70G while conducting your business
5) No modifications will be made to Government-owned or leased quarters.

The customers of these HBBs should ensure an agent or vendor has AE Form 210-70F, AE Form 210-70G and the Garrison Commander’s authorization before signing the agent or vendor onto an installation, inviting the agent or vendor into the consumer’s quarters or entering into a contract.

Customers should also report companies or individuals allegedly engaging in unfair business practices to myself. Prohibited activities by HBB include:
• Door-to-door solicitation of residents of government-owned or -leased quarters if the residents have not extended a personal invitation.
• Unsolicited contacts made in person or by telephone. This does not prohibit contacting current (not past) customers or responding to requests for customer service.
• Initiating contact to make appointments with or solicit military and civilian personnel who are on duty by government telephone, fax, or by sending e-mail to a government computer, unless a relationship already exists between the parties.
• Government-owned or leased quarters will not be used as a business showroom, warehouse, or storage facility.
• No exterior parts of Government-owned or -leased quarters (for example, doors, windows, hallways, exterior walls) will be used to advertise products or services.
• Use of U.S. Forces-registered POV for HBB activities and will not bear signs advertising HBB goods or services.
• Use of tax- and duty-free gasoline, whether purchased with AAFES gas coupons or at AAFES service stations, for HBB.
• The military postal service may not be used to send or receive any parcels or correspondence related to the HBB. This does not preclude customers from receiving goods ordered through an HBB and properly mailed directly to individual customers by a company through either the U.S. or German postal service.
• May not purchase goods for demonstration, resale, or operation (for example, ledger books, computers) from AAFES, the AAFES catalog, a commissary, or any other tax- or duty-free sales facility (for example, an installation bowling alley).

Approved HBBs

The following are currently approved home based businesses located in the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden community:
– Michael Bussa, Finance/Insurance Services
– Jocelyn Cadiz, Health Coach
– Deborah Spencer, Photography
– LaDon Hooser, Photography
– Evie Shaefer, Photograpy and Mentor Services
– Emely Campbell, Photography
– Nicole Linzey, Skin Care Products
– Megan Cahan, Occupational Therapist
– Kristi Hanna, Veterinary Accupuncture

For more information on whether a business is an approved home based business, contact Donald Rosenkrans at DSN 548-1003, civ (0611) 143-548-1003.