Installation Access System Receives Upgrade

This is an example of the next generation DOD-ID. Individuals will be receiving this in the future. (photo credit: DOD,

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Directorate of Emergency Services, IACS, is currently in the process of upgrading the installation access system (IACS), which is expected to come online by mid-May.

Military, Family members, Civilians, Retirees, and Contractors with CACs will all be registered in the system when they enter through the main ACP on Clay Kaserne after the upgrade. However, Local National employees and all individuals holding installation access passes have to have their sponsors submit a new application to the IACS office in order to upgrade their access in the new system.

Leia Hall, Directorate of Emergency Services, IACS, Physical Security Assistant explains that the upgrade will affect the pedestrian gates as well. “Any individuals who use the pedestrian gates will need to ensure that their ID has been registered in the new system via the process stated above whether that is through the main ACP or updating their access through the IACS office before attempting to use the pedestrian gates,” Hall said.

Hall also explains that the local national employee process is a bit different. “They are given access based on what they require for work, which is stated on the application signed by their sponsor,” Hall said. Therefore, all LN employees and all individuals holding installation access need to immediately contact their sponsor in order to fill out a new application for their installation access. “We will inform them when the process is complete,” Hall said.

For questions about the new upgrade, please contact your sponsor. If you do not have a sponsor, you can contact the USAG Wiesbaden Directorate of Emergency Services, IACS Office at 0611-143-548-7080 or DSN 548-7080.