Larceny has long-reaching effects

The Wiesbaden Exchange has seen an increase in larceny at their facilities, including both shoppettes and “fuel drive offs” at the gas pump.

The items are of small value and common items like cosmetic items, clothes, and perfume – but that doesn’t mean it’s a small crime.

Once you have been charged with larceny on Exchange property, AAFES will assess a $200 civil recovery fee to “recoup administrative costs” such as stopping the shoplifters, paying for cameras and loss prevention employees.

If the stolen item is damaged or otherwise not sellable, the cost of the item will be added to the civil recovery fee.

In addition, AAFES will request Exchange identification card privileges be suspended for six months for the first offense, according to AR 215-8. A second charge of larceny will result in the suspension of Exchange privileges for one year with another $200 fee.

During the suspension period, the accused is barred from all AAFES facilities to include Exchanges, shoppettes, food malls and movie theaters.

If they are caught violating this six month period, it could warrant trespassing charges.

The garrison commander is the civilian misconduct action authority for actions for individual logistical support in the Wiesbaden community for all contractors, Family members, Department of Defense civilian employees, DoD Education Activity employees, diplomatic staff, retirees and local nationals working for the military.

The CMAA has administrative jurisdiction, meaning the CMAA can only take administrative and adverse administrative action, not punitive action. Some of these examples of ILS privileges are commissary, morale and welfare, driving, ration cards, fuel cards, postal and exchange services.

The host nation has exclusive criminal jurisdiction over civilians under the Status of Forces Agreement.

The civilian misconduct program provides fair, meaningful, and impartial adjudication of incidents pertaining to the misconduct of civilians. It also establishes administrative actions and procedures to be taken in response to civilian misconduct to safeguard the resources, facilities, and welfare of U.S. Forces communities in Europe.

These repeated acts of misconduct could result in curtailment of tour or early return of dependents, sending these repeat offenders back to the United States. It is a privilege to be here in Europe and not a right.

A larceny charge on a person’s record could prevent a student from getting a summer job, or an adult from taking employment for a job on post, or joining the Military depending on the amount.

Also, these shoplifters increase prices of goods because AAFES has to make up for the losses that larceny creates. Shoplifting harms everyone, especially in the military community, since AAFES profits help fund Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.

If the temptation is too great and you get caught then there are steps taken for the misconduct. The first step is a letter of intent from the garrison commander stating that misconduct took place.

By regulation you have three days from receipt of the intent letter to make a rebuttal of why the action should not take place.

Then the final action memo will come from the garrison commander stating that the privileges have been suspended and the accused has seven days to go to Bldg. 1023 East to get a new ID card removing the suspended privileges.

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