Local scouts soar to highest rank

Two Wiesbaden teenagers took another step forward toward developing their citizenship, character and personal fitness by attaining scouting’s highest rank.

The National Office of the Boy Scouts of America recognized Adam Cloud and Michael Brandt as Eagle Scouts of Troop 106 during a ceremony in Offenbach Sept. 25.
More than 70 people attended, including 8 adults who previously earned the rank.

During the ceremony each candidate showcased their completed community service projects, which are a requirement to achieve the badge.

Inspired by his father’s ancestral search and his church, Cloud, a Wiesbaden High School graduate, completed a project to help people conducting genealogy searches or anyone who may be looking for a loved one’s grave-site. Cloud organized a data capture day at a local Wiesbaden cemetery and trained 40 volunteers to upload data to the www.billiongraves.com web site using their mobile phones, cameras, and the web site’s app.

The project took 141 hours to coordinate, recruit and train volunteers and execute. All together the team contributed more than 2,000 grave photos and data files to the publicly searchable image database.

“Genealogy is growing in importance across the world and many people are searching for who their ancestors are and where their remains are located,” Cloud said. “Genealogy is also an important part of [the Mormon] religion.”

In addition to providing service and fulfilling the part of the Scout Oath, “To help other people at all times,” one of the primary purposes of the Eagle Scout service project is to learn leadership skills, or to improve or demonstrate leadership skills you already have.

Cloud said his project tested his leadership skills at every phase. At times he was overwhelmed and pushed out of his comfort zone, but the overall experience helped him build confidence.
“Becoming an Eagle Scout, or being an Eagle Scout, shows me I can do difficult things. I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” he said. “I’ve had to work hard to get here but with all the fun I’ve had along the way, it has been more than worth it.”

Fellow Eagle Scout Michael Brandt had to overcome different challenges.

Brandt, a Wiesbaden High School senior, said as an introvert he struggled initially with the coordination of his project, but learned that good communication is critical to overcome the obstacles he faced to earn his badge.

“Being an Eagle Scout means being prepared for life and the hardships it will throw at you, but most important of all is to do your duty to God, your country, and your fellow man,” said Brandt.
The goal of Brandt’s project was to help reduce stress on military families transitioning to Wiesbaden, especially children.

Brandt’s project took 36 hours and 10 volunteers to complete. The scout coordinated volunteers, and the collection of newcomer materials to include, maps of housing areas, brochures, reference materials, toys and board games to create 13 welcome care packages to distribute to incoming families in his church.