Major parking changes coming to Wiesbaden garrison

Beginning May 15, parking at U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden will be removed near barracks and office buildings with an occupancy of 100 or more persons. Additionally, reserved parking for everyone below the grade of general officer, SES, and their command sergeants major will be removed.

The first change brings garrison parking in line with force protection guidelines, while the second is designed to allow more handicap and official use parking closer to workplaces and encourage more parking in the parking decks on the installation.

“We have the good fortune of an installation that can be walked from any point to another in just about 10 minutes or less,” said Col. Todd J. Fish, garrison commander. “We are also fortunate to possess two large modern parking decks, one of which is even equipped with elevators.  The garages will allow you to protect your car from the elements. As a bonus, you’ll get to enjoy a few steps to and from the office every day.”

According to Fish, advantages include better placement of handicap parking and more official use parking that will be strategically located. Official use spots can be used by any government vehicle or POV being reimbursed mileage for official business. Timed parking for customers will continue, but will be re-evaluated to better serve the community.

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