MPs get hands-on training at exercise

Lena Stange/USAG Wiesbaden Public Affairs
Exercise Boosts MP skills
Emergency Services personnel from different European countries and the U.S. practice together at the Active Shooter Instructor Course on a training site near Wackernheim.

An active shooter instructor course took place Aug. 13 to 21 at Finthen Local Training Area, Germany. The course was designed to give military police instructors the knowledge and skills to train first responders to active shooter incidents, said the new Provost Marshal and Director of Emergency Services Lt. Col. Edwin Escobar.

“No venue is safe,” Escobar said. “This course was really good to give MPs a good foundation to teach other MPs.”

In a joint exercise, U.S., German, Dutch, Swiss and Belgian emergency services personnel learned how to determine a threat, how to tactically enter and clear a room and other first-responder tactics.

Instructors from Polizeitrainer in Deutschland and Team One provided the training in an urban operations village with the focus on practical skills and tactics.

Lena Stange\USAG Wiesbaden Public Affairs
Emergency services personnel practice together
at an Active Shooter Instructor Course
on a training site near Wackernheim.

The students practiced how to enter a building, first without shooting. Then, in the second scenario, targets were out and they shot the targets, Escobar said. In a third scenario, people suddenly jumped out and the students had to react and differentiate between civilians and threats.

“It was great, high intensity training and building relationships with our German and other foreign national counterparts. Team One and PID do a great job partnering together to give us a building block of realistic training,” said Staff Sgt. E. Jason Frantz, MP Investigations Section supervisor, who participated in the exercise.

“I definitely felt that it was worth it because this joint training, the German Polizei and the U.S. MPs, they have to work together to either enter a house, a building or a school in any of our housing communities because we heavily depend on their responsiveness and expertise,” Escobar said.