New fixtures, vents, kitchens, fountains to improve conditions for Soldiers

WIESBADEN, Germany – U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Directorate of Public Works has begun upgrading faucets in Soldiers’ quarters with new fixtures, exchanging copper supply lines with stainless steel and installing shower room door vents and higher capacity exhaust fans to improve ventilation.


Replacing the shared kitchen water filters with more robust under the sink filters and installing 20 additional water fountains is also being pursued this fiscal year, subject to available funds.


Also, Environmental funds for Clay solid waste islands, and U.S. Army Europe and Africa funds for water fountains on each floor in the Keys Building and Mission Command Center is being pursued.


The short range plan, according to planners at DPW, involves renovations to the day rooms and kitchens. This includes new floors, cabinets, appliances, furniture, window blinds and paint on the inside. On the outside, renovations will include work to renovate the gazebos, including new roofing, trim and staining.


The mid-range plan involves repairing and replacing the critical components, such as the faucets, supply lines, exhaust fans and door vents and installing water fountains, kitchen filters and ceiling fans in each room.


Long range projects include whole building renovations to give each Soldier more personal space. This would be done by restructuring existing rooms within buildings to give Soldiers in the barracks rooms to themselves, rather than having to share with a roommate.