New Garrison Provost Marshal shares the secret to their partner relationships

Recently Lt. Col. Jon Jackson, the new U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Director of Emergency Services and Provost Marshal, shared his thoughts regarding partnerships with host nation first responders.

Jackson stated, “The USAG Wiesbaden Directorate of Emergency Services continues to enhance strong working relationships with a wide variety of law enforcement organizations both on and off post. These relationships are critical to the safety and security of the Wiesbaden Military Community, which is comprised of over 15,000 personnel and their dependents operating at over a dozen separate sites.”

Jackson explained his directorate is charged with the safety and security of the Wiesbaden Military Community. He emphasized that partnerships and communication are key to maintaining existing relationships. “The DES continuously builds on the foundation of existing relationships and forges new commitments with key organic and non-organic emergency services organizations,” he said.

By incorporating law enforcement leaders from all jurisdictions surrounding the USAG Wiesbaden Community, Jackson explained that the DES can better support community readiness through enhanced emergency response, joint training events, and positive partnerships through regular engagements with various first responder and law enforcement agencies.

On post partners include: 529th Military Police Company, 709th Military Police Battalion and the 18th Military Police Brigade, 571st Military Police Company on rotation from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, 522nd Military Police Military Working Dog Company, the Wiesbaden Field Office (Counter Intelligence), USAREUR-AF Provost Marshal and G3/4 Protection, US Forces Customs–Europe, US Army Criminal Investigation Command and POND Security.

Off post US Agency partners include: The U.S. Consulate Frankfurt (State Department), U.S. Secret Service, FBI, U.S. Marshal Service and The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.
Host Nation partners Include: Polizeipräsidium Westhessen, Polizeidirektion Wiesbaden, Polizeipräsidium Darmstadt, Polizeipräsidium Mainz, Autobahnpolizei, Ordnungsamt, Verkehrspolizei and the Zoll.

Jackson was quick to point out, “The most important relationship the DES has is with the Polizei. The Polizei critically support USAG Wiesbaden on a daily basis and are an integral part of the overall protection response plan. The DES and Polizei are integrated at many different levels (operational, administrative, training, and on a personal level).”

The DES and Polizei conduct monthly meetings, alternating between the MP Station, 2nd Polizei Precinct and the Polizeidirektion Wiesbaden. Typical discussion topics often include current threats and planned mitigation, Aukamm and Crestview security, policing statistics, problem areas/trends, planned demonstrations, Polizei patrol schedules of U.S. bus routes, abandoned pets, drones, laser incidents, joint patrol efforts, training opportunities, communication challenges, best practices, and ongoing investigations.

Jackson further stated, “In addition to monthly meetings, the Military Police and Polizei conduct several training events and drills throughout the year. The two agencies could not work effectively together without regular training. Recent training events included the annual Force Protection Exercise, K9 training and Active Shooter training at the High School.”

Military Police also routinely team with Polizei Officers at various on and off-post events, some of which include nightclub patrols, fest patrols, Halloween in the USAG Wiesbaden Housing areas, the German-American Friendship Fest on Hainerberg, the annual Holiday Concert, 4th of July, Berlin Airlift Anniversaries and High School Graduations.

The Polizeifliegerstaffel Westhessen fly regular patrols over Clay Kaserne as part of their protection measures in support of the USAG Wiesbaden Community.

The DES and Polizei not only have a strong operational relationship, but they also rely on each other administratively. Requests for information are submitted daily from the Polizei to DES and from the DES to the Polizei.

Examples include speeding tickets, police reports, witness statements, toxicology reports, and court records. The DES Desk Sergeant, the Installation Access Control System Office, Vehicle Registration Section, Translation Team, Police Liaison and Police Records Section play a pivotal part in this process.