New Hainerberg ACP opening planned for May 13

  1. Q: When will the new Hainerberg Access Control Point be open?

    Photo by Emily Jennings
    U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Command Sgt. Maj. Larry Addington (from left), Project Manager Wolfgang Schnitzer, USAG Wiesbaden Commander Col. Todd J. Fish and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District Deputy Commander Lt. Col. John McNamara cut a ceremonial ribbon at the new Access Control Point on Hainerberg. The new ACP is expected to open the morning of May 13.

    A: The new ACP on Hainerberg located near the Exchange facilities will officially open in the early morning of Sat. May 13.

  2. Q: How will the community be notified that the new gate has opened and the old gate has closed?
    A:  Announcements will be made prior to the ACP opening and on opening day May 13. U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden will disseminate information to tenant unit leadership through a community bulletin email. Information will also be posted to the garrison Facebook page and announced on AFN.

  3. Q: If I am in my car at the closed New York Strasse gate, how do I drive to the new gate?
    A: If you were leaving from the old New York Strasse Gate, take a right and head toward B455. At the intersection of B455 and New York Strasse, take a right. Then, take a right at the new stop light on Washingtonstrasse. You can also reach it by using 50.069040, 8.273387 in your navigation software of choice.

  4. Q: Will the current ACP located off New York Strasse stay open?
    A: No. The current ACP will close concurrently with the new ACP opening.

  5. Q: Will the current ACP to enter the old PX facilities (Gas Station/Shoppette/Taunus Theater etc.) remain?
    A: No. Once the new ACP opens May 13 there will be only one ID card check required to access all Hainerberg facilities.

  6. Q: Why did the ACP need to move from NewYorkstrasse to the new location?
    A: The current ACP was a temporary solution put in place to support the transformation of Hainerberg Housing to an access controlled, or closed community in March 2015. The new ACP has the ability to handle more traffic by having two inbound lanes for POVs. Being conveniently located near the shopping facilities has the potential to reduce traffic through housing areas, creating a quieter and safer installation. The new ACP location also provides direct access to B455 leading to Clay Kaserne.

  7. Q: Why didn’t the ACP open the same day as the ribbon cutting May 4?
    A: The ribbon cutting was an opportunity for the Army to thank our host nation partners for their support. The construction of the ACP was a coordinated effort and cost share between the State of Hessen and the city of Wiesbaden. We could not open the ACP until the B455 project was complete. Additionally, opening on a Saturday will allow the community two days over the weekend to become familiar with the new gate, reinforce traffic pattern changes and make adjustments to their daily driving routines.

  8. Q: How can I find information about the RMV bus stops located outside the new gate?
    A: For information on City of Wiesbaden bus stops, visit

  9. Q: Will visitor sign-in (IACS) be available at the new gate?
    A: Yes.

  10. Q: How long did the ACP take to be built?
    A: The new ACP took 13 months to complete.

  11. Q: Will this affect the pedestrian gate by the gas station?
    A: Over time, the pedestrian gates will be upgraded. One will be down at a time while the changes are made. Separate announcements will be made at that time.
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