New parking rules to go into effect by summer

Lena Stange
USAG Wiesbaden Public Affairs

Many people try to reduce walking time to a minimum by parking their cars as close to their destinations as possible. With only a limited number of parking spots available, this behavior can cause problems and complaints.

Tickets will be issued for those in violation of parking rules.

As a result, stricter measures have been approved by the garrison commander to help reinforce the parking rules on post.
“What many people do not realize is that much like driving, parking too is a privilege, not an entitlement here in this theater,” said Lt. Col. Edwin Escobar, provost marshal and director of emergency services.
First-time offenders will receive an Armed Forces Traffic Ticket (DD Form 1408). The second time, a traffic ticket will be issued together with a letter from the command sergeant major or the deputy garrison commander, Escobar said.
When caught a third time within 12 months, a traffic ticket will be issued, a highly visible orange “violator” sticker will be placed on the car and the garrison commander will issue a letter with a five-day suspension from parking on post.
“This methodical push is to change the culture,” Escobar said.
In order to enforce the parking rules on Clay Kaserne and Hainerberg, the garrison is revising the local policy letter, and by summer the new rules are expected to be applied. The garrison will repaint some parking lots and put proper signage in place by then, Escobar said.
Clay Kaserne has been identified as the primary area where parking violations have become a visible problem. “The community and the leadership reached out to us,” Escobar said. Especially high-traffic areas are affected, including the welcome center parking lot, parking spots in front of the health clinic, the parking lot in front of the banks, near the shoppette and the parking lot close to the post office.
“What we have known for a while, people go there and park for two hours, and then at the two-hour limit go and modify their ‘Parkscheibe’ for another two hours. That’s not right,” he said.
Escobar will empower additional DES service members to issue tickets. “I will give them my authority as a provost marshal to enforce certain regulations. We are going to deputize them, just to help issue parking tickets,” he said.
“We’re also going to push for senior NCOs and officers, and senior civilians to lead by example,” Escobar said. “We’re asking them to really uphold the Army values and do what’s right.”