New program beefs up housing oversight

Chain of command helps resolve housing issues

A new supplemental housing program packs command muscle in keeping the community’s housing and common recreational areas squared away.

The Community Housing Overwatch and Sponsorship Program gives tenant unit command leaders managerial oversight of the community’s housing areas, and is aimed at reinforcing the roles of area, section, building and stairwell coordinators.

“There has been an identified need to optimize available resources to ensure we maintain our commitment to our Soldiers and families,” said Col. David Carstens, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander. “The intent is to involve senior community leadership in establishing and maintaining common standards through program oversight.”

Carstens said a Soldier’s living environment is an important factor to preserve and enhance the all-volunteer force.

“As the home for the Army’s Soldiers — quality housing areas, facilities and services are essential to providing a high quality of life for Soldiers and their families,” he said.

Because the overwatch and sponsorship program supplements the already established Building and Area Coordinator Program, much of the changes and administrative details will be transparent to residents. Residents will see signs posted in each of the five community housing areas bearing the sponsoring unit’s name. The sponsoring unit’s commander — in coordination with the area, section, building and stairwell coordinators, and occupants — will ensure all areas within their designated housing areas are adequately cleaned and maintained. They will conduct regular meetings of building coordinators and residents; provide methods for issuing command and emergency information; and help resolve complaints or disputes that arise in the designated area.

“The Building and Area Coordinator Program (coupled with the Community Housing Overwatch and Sponsorship Program) gives residents a chain of command to assist them with issues in the housing area,” said Don Meyer, USAG Wiesbaden housing manager. “Ninety-nine percent of the time it fixes most problems. It provides residents living in housing a person they can turn to for the information they are seeking.”

Officials said residents should make it a point to know who their stairwell and building coordinators are. “They are the key to resolving issues affecting the common welfare of stairwell residents, and they are the garrison commander’s designated representatives to ensure that residents adhere to housing policies and regulations,” said Meyer.

Building and stairwell coordinators’ names are posted in the designated buildings for reference. Also find more information about the Community Housing Overwatch and Sponsorship Program at